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  1. In Topic: Find listviewitem row clicked with MultipleSelect property true?

    Posted 16 Dec 2014

    I guess I just assumed I couldn't use the whether the item is already part of the selection since I would essentially need to know what row was clicked so I could remove it from the list. Here's my current code to multi select rows by just clicking

      Public selectedList As New Generic.List(Of Integer) 'Global
      Dim k As Integer = 0
      Dim SelectedItem As ListViewItem
       For i As Integer = 0 To lvwTransaction.Items.Count - 
             If lvwTransaction.Items(i).Selected = True Then
                 If Not selectedList.Contains(i) Then
                 End If
             End If
        For n As Integer = 0 To selectedList.Count - 1
             lvwTransaction.Items(selectedList(n)).Selected = True
  2. In Topic: Can you use .NET without interfacing with COM?

    Posted 24 Jul 2014

    I am trying to look towards getting away from COM, I can't seem to find any useful websites that could give me some information on what I could do to remove them from my program. I am using some COM objects in this legacy application, but .NET could be extremely powerful and I feel that when we are using COM we are not using .NET to it's full potential. What are some of these wrappers?
  3. In Topic: Create a maskedtextbox format based on a string value?

    Posted 12 May 2014

    Would creating a custom control the easiest way to go about this if I'm only going to use the textbox once in the flow?
  4. In Topic: Listview items not updating wpf

    Posted 9 Apr 2014

    Thanks for your reply

    Here's the code I currently have, I am setting the dataContext property of the listview to the observableCollection which has the entries I want added to the listview

    Public Class ObservableColl
        Public Structure Steps
            Private _Steps As List(Of String)
            Property Steps() As List(Of String)
                    Return _Steps
                End Get
                Set(ByVal value As List(Of String))
                    _Steps = value
                End Set
            End Property
        End Structure
        Dim songs As New ObservableCollection(Of Steps)
    End Class
     Private Sub CloseForm()
            Dim stepArr As String() = Split(sCommon.presetSteps, ",")
            Dim entries As New List(Of String)
            For i = 0 To stepArr.Count - 1
            sCommon.form1.entries.Add(New Steps With {.Steps = entries}) 'Add list entries to the observableCollection
            sCommon.form1.lvwCurrentSteps.DataContext = entries 'Assign the DataContext property to the observableCollection
            If Not PresetList Is Nothing Then 
                Me.Close() 'Close this form and focus returns to the main window
            End If
        End Sub
    <ListView Margin="49,23,0,33" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="230" Name="lvwCurrentSteps" SelectionMode="Multiple" ItemsSource="{Binding}" >
                    <Style TargetType="{x:Type ListViewItem}">
                        <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="LightGray" />
                        <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="0,0,0,1" />
                    <GridView x:Name="myGridView">
                        <GridViewColumn Width="220" Header="Steps to run"  DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Path=Steps}">

    I can validate that there are items in the listview with this method but the listview doesn't 'refresh' with these values when focus returns to the original window.

  5. In Topic: Copy 2d array to any other list

    Posted 16 Jan 2014

    I am looking for a 2d list as well. A list meaning any other collection out there that's not an array, so a dictionary/List/Hasttable/HashSet

    Key was just an example of what I could use to search the whole collection, rather than using a for loop. So if I was able to convert it over to a 2d dictionary, I could search the whole dictionary values with just the Key or Value variables which I am hoping to copy over from the 2d array.

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