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  1. In Topic: JDOM SAXBuilder taking a long time to finish

    Posted 10 Mar 2016

    I have a 2mb xml file that was originally parsing via JDOM but was told that you shouldn't use JDOM for huge xml files. I switched to SAX parsing which saved about 40 seconds but still took a good chunk of time to parse. I am wondering if there's any way to query an xml file via InputStream, without loading it into memory? I'm looking to only grab one text node per time I query it, so the other 9999 text nodes would be useless to me and to the application.
  2. In Topic: Lag when un-selecting listview items

    Posted 7 Jan 2015

    I've never heard of window messages, are they commonly used in .NET today? I don't recall ever seeing them in any book I've used. Does every control use window messages? While debugging through that new class I see that there is a ton of messages that occur with even a single click on the listview.
  3. In Topic: Lag when un-selecting listview items

    Posted 6 Jan 2015

    Okay, i am at a total loss of words here. This works wonders but I am trying to understand what exactly you did.

    This is so far above my head. Thank you for taking the time to work through it, now it's my turn to study it.....

    Edit: unable to rep you but will make it happen for this post and your other you helped me on :)
  4. In Topic: Find listviewitem row clicked with MultipleSelect property true?

    Posted 16 Dec 2014

    I guess I just assumed I couldn't use the whether the item is already part of the selection since I would essentially need to know what row was clicked so I could remove it from the list. Here's my current code to multi select rows by just clicking

      Public selectedList As New Generic.List(Of Integer) 'Global
      Dim k As Integer = 0
      Dim SelectedItem As ListViewItem
       For i As Integer = 0 To lvwTransaction.Items.Count - 
             If lvwTransaction.Items(i).Selected = True Then
                 If Not selectedList.Contains(i) Then
                 End If
             End If
        For n As Integer = 0 To selectedList.Count - 1
             lvwTransaction.Items(selectedList(n)).Selected = True
  5. In Topic: Can you use .NET without interfacing with COM?

    Posted 24 Jul 2014

    I am trying to look towards getting away from COM, I can't seem to find any useful websites that could give me some information on what I could do to remove them from my program. I am using some COM objects in this legacy application, but .NET could be extremely powerful and I feel that when we are using COM we are not using .NET to it's full potential. What are some of these wrappers?

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    09 Apr 2014 - 08:46
    hi are you a specialist in c++ ?
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