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  1. In Topic: Programming Pick-Up Lines

    Posted 16 May 2012

    IDLE isn't the only thing that can prompt a Python ;)
  2. In Topic: When did you notice the people around you didn't make the cut.

    Posted 8 May 2012

    View Posttime4f5, on 08 May 2012 - 06:27 PM, said:

    If IT is a option, that track isn't as math intensive as CS. If you want to stay in CS, have you considered taking the math by itself. If they offer it during the summer, take it. you dont' want to look back on a degree that you hate like social science or whatever. I'm interpreting your response of "bleh" as hate. take the stats class again, try another professor. if not an option try community college for that class. try U of phoenix. anything where you can get through the class. But you have to want it. I work with someone who says that he wants it, but gives up way too easily in Calculus.

    I wasn't good at stats, but I feel like I'm decent enough at math. As in Calc I, II, Bs in linear algebra and diffEqs. I enjoy math, at least on the computational level.

    Part of the problem that I was having, was a project we were doing that involves a bit more knowledge object oriented programming that we'd been exposed to during the quarter. The people who've done side programming in Java did really well, while the rest of us, who took the previous course which was taught in C, ended up doing very poorly.

    So, yeah, nose to the grindstone, burn the midnight oil, etc etc.

    Edit:: I also didn't FAIL the stats class (I got a C), but I meant "failed out" as in failing to either both love it and do good enough i.e.. better than barely passing.
  3. In Topic: When did you notice the people around you didn't make the cut.

    Posted 7 May 2012


    Have you thought about restructuring your classes? Balance a few comp sci classes with some humanities and english?

    Can't. Started too late, playing catch up.


    What are your alternatives?

    At my school? Pretty much a humanities or social science degree. Bleh.


    Why did you pick computer science?

    Standard fare: loved computers as a kid, liked all the stuff coming out of mobile, and enjoyed my first programming course.


    What was your game plan?

    Get a computer science degree, and become a software engineer, or a web developer. If I did well enough, and my interest sustained, perhaps do a masters or phd involving human computer interaction. I love interface design, and UI, and a lot of the topics like computer vision, and the like sound really interesting and useful.


    How old are you?



    Is this your first go around with the college experience?



    what do you enjoy doing outside of computer science programming?

    Playing tennis, keeping up with consumer electronics news, hanging out with my girlfriend, reading, etc.


    Ideal job wise and all that jazz.

    Honestly, probably a software engineer. When I have my eye on the prize, and I really know what I'm doing, I really enjoy sitting down and coding for hours, debugging, and solving problems. I love puzzles and problem solving, so it seemed like a natural fit.
  4. In Topic: When did you notice the people around you didn't make the cut.

    Posted 6 May 2012

    I thought I did, maybe not love but enjoyed it enough, but my current performance in class shows that I'm just not capable.

    I'm just not smart enough or whatever. I'll have a crappy job with my expensive degree that I wasted on something dumb because I played pretend scientist for two whole years of my education
  5. In Topic: Opening a file using a variable name

    Posted 20 Apr 2012

    Thanks, makes sense

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