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  1. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    I've heard of tinder to the point that I know it exists, however, I haven't a clue what it actually is.
  2. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    I've never been married. My longest relationship ever was 5 years. I have a propensity for serial dating. I just lucked out and found myself a keeper this time around.

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
  3. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    Awww... little dep has a crush! :wub:
  4. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    Open the door, get on the floor,
    Everybody fuck the unicorn.

  5. In Topic: Colleges these days.... >.<

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    I heard this argument when I was in college (many moons ago, whippersnapper)... why are they teaching COBOL?!?! COBOL is a dead language! It is obsolete! No one gets a job writing COBOL!

    But as modi said, business moves at its own pace. Do you know what I've seen more ads for in my area than anything in the last 3 years? COBOL programmers. Do you know what I've interviewed for on more than one occasion? Positions as a COBOL programmer.

    Businesses pumped thousands upon thousands of dollars into custom coded systems to do precisely what they need to do. Five years, ten years... even twenty or thirty years down the road, when the language is "dead" and the software "obsolete", they've spent thousands more adding bits and pieces and components and functionality to the system they paid through the nose to get in the first place. Why don't they hire someone to come in and recode it in a brand spanking new, fresh from the box, cutting edge language? Because if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So they hire coders who can keep it running.

    Just because someone is learning a technology that is older than you are doesn't mean they won't find a job doing exactly what you think they shouldn't be learning.

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  1. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    18 Aug 2014 - 06:06
    Oh, Roseline! Girl, you so cray cray!
  2. Photo

    rossypz Icon

    15 Aug 2014 - 01:30
    Hi,I Am Mrs Rose.I am writing to know you more for i have an important issue to discuss with you. for more details write me on This Email: wrte to my email..
    God bless.
  3. Photo

    jon.kiparsky Icon

    07 Aug 2014 - 07:43
  4. Photo

    jon.kiparsky Icon

    31 Jul 2014 - 21:05
    Dunno if this is near you, or if you're interested, but the Baby Dolls (the burlesque troupe) are going to be in PA and OH this weekend performing. Susquehanna, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, in that order. If you want to take your hipster, I can send details.
  5. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    09 Jul 2014 - 06:53
    Your fuck makes his background majestic.
  6. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    07 Jul 2014 - 13:25
    My majestic fucks your background.
  7. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    20 Jun 2014 - 09:19
    My new background - majestic as fuck.
  8. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    10 Mar 2014 - 08:23
    No cutting. We're gonna tie you down and shave that bitch. Your face will be as smooth as a baby's diaper rashed ass when we're done with you.
  9. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    07 Mar 2014 - 09:25
    Amish Mafia? You gonna cut off my beard?
  10. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    03 Mar 2014 - 09:49
    I don't need no stinking army. I have the Amish Mafia led by Don Momma.
  11. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    28 Feb 2014 - 18:57
    Yeah?! You & what Amish Army???
  12. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    28 Feb 2014 - 09:49
    Dude, don't make me come down there and kick your ass. I'm in a PMS-induced She-Hulk nerd rage. I could take you. <3
  13. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    27 Feb 2014 - 20:51
    KYA, you can KMA!
  14. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    27 Feb 2014 - 14:22
    supersloth, up yours!
  15. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    27 Feb 2014 - 14:22
    Hey Skaggles... you jack ass!
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