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  1. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 16 Dec 2014

    My schedule for the next several weeks:

    Today: Working from home with a sick kid.
    Tomorrow: Derpicorn training all morning, free to work in the afternoon.
    Thursday: Vacation day.
    Friday: Department Christmas party, brunch, gift exchange, early closure.
    Dec 20-Jan 1: Workplace closed for holiday break.
    Jan 2: Personal day.
    Jan 5: In office, playing catch up.
    Jan 6: FMLA day.
    Jan 7: Return to regular work schedule.

    Email from procrastinating coworker: "I finally got around to updating that software. I need you to work the same magic you worked the last time to change the layout and menus. It'll have to be done by January 2nd."

    Well, pumpkin, looks like you have tomorrow afternoon to make sure I have everything I need. Your lack of planning is NOT going to become my holiday nightmare. Next time, talk to people in advance and coordinate your shit.
  2. In Topic: Song of the day

    Posted 16 Dec 2014

  3. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 16 Dec 2014

    I am salaried, and according to the terms of my contract, I am on-call 24-hours/day for emergency updates (ie, weather-related closings or delays)....NOT for general questions pertaining to how to use an app or basic updates or feature additions. THOSE kinds of requests will wait until I return. The standard vetting process: Could avoiding this update endanger someone else's life? No? It can wait.
  4. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 16 Dec 2014

    Working from home with sick spawn again today. The fucktardicorn people are demanding an in-office meeting/crash course training tomorrow. It makes zero sense, however, because as of Friday, we'll be closed for two weeks. Why not wait until AFTER the break to train? Especially seeing as how I'm out of the office today and Thursday, and taking two extra days off before going back at the end of the break? If they think I'm taking their calls and answering their emails on my days off, they are sorely mistaken.
  5. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 15 Dec 2014

    This is one of my biggest issues with Pennsyltucky. This time of year, I leave for work as the sun is coming up, I work in a dark, windowless office all day long, then I drive home as the sun is going down... and 95% of the time it is snowing, raining, drizzling, sleeting, or all of the above simultaneously. When the time changes in the spring, I step out of my house blinking and half blind.

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  1. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    23 Oct 2014 - 08:22
    If you ever need a 'bouncing tit' image:
    .. or flapping boobies.
  2. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    03 Oct 2014 - 09:45
    Your group may like these..
  3. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    30 Sep 2014 - 06:45
    You seem to be lacking the ol' "college try" on dressing up your cat.
  4. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    29 Sep 2014 - 14:13
    im in ur commentz, talking about fall.
  5. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    18 Aug 2014 - 06:06
    Oh, Roseline! Girl, you so cray cray!
  6. Photo

    rossypz Icon

    15 Aug 2014 - 01:30
    Hi,I Am Mrs Rose.I am writing to know you more for i have an important issue to discuss with you. for more details write me on This Email: wrte to my email..
    God bless.
  7. Photo

    jon.kiparsky Icon

    07 Aug 2014 - 07:43
  8. Photo

    jon.kiparsky Icon

    31 Jul 2014 - 21:05
    Dunno if this is near you, or if you're interested, but the Baby Dolls (the burlesque troupe) are going to be in PA and OH this weekend performing. Susquehanna, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, in that order. If you want to take your hipster, I can send details.
  9. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    09 Jul 2014 - 06:53
    Your fuck makes his background majestic.
  10. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    07 Jul 2014 - 13:25
    My majestic fucks your background.
  11. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    20 Jun 2014 - 09:19
    My new background - majestic as fuck.
  12. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    10 Mar 2014 - 08:23
    No cutting. We're gonna tie you down and shave that bitch. Your face will be as smooth as a baby's diaper rashed ass when we're done with you.
  13. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    07 Mar 2014 - 09:25
    Amish Mafia? You gonna cut off my beard?
  14. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    03 Mar 2014 - 09:49
    I don't need no stinking army. I have the Amish Mafia led by Don Momma.
  15. Photo

    no2pencil Icon

    28 Feb 2014 - 18:57
    Yeah?! You & what Amish Army???
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