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  1. In Topic: Table Data Overflow layout issue

    Posted 7 Oct 2014

    Thanks andrew. I've found numerous resources for this and they were all just like mine. I did however find two resources from two other gentlemen who came up with a seamless pure css method. I'm testing it now, and will report back with the complete answer and a link when I solve it.
  2. In Topic: Nested Ajax Call inside of Ajax

    Posted 15 Aug 2014

    I've come to that conclusion a few times, just strange that I'd be the first to make a note of it. That callback works just fine, it reloads the user data as it should. The nested ajax request is really just in response to data being updated giving the user a seamless experience like they would on their own desktop. I'm now going to try the $.when function of Jquery.

    To be honest though, ajax requests were created for this sort of thing. Updating sections of a page.
  3. In Topic: Nested Ajax Call inside of Ajax

    Posted 14 Aug 2014

    The function is passed without being called, as in I expected it to hit the call and either throw an error or process the request but neither firebug or any other tools are catching any errors or requests. I've placed alerts just before that function is called, and at the start of the function LoadInventoryBySearch. The alert before the function call is fired off, but the alert inside the function itself is not. I've observed all developer network tools that I can, and the request will not occur unless it's delayed 100ms+ which is strange given the purpose of AJAX. It's not a complex script at all either, and I've debugged the hell out of it. The script loads in it's own script tag as well and no exceptions are being raised in a try catch. The LoadInventoryBySearch makes a request using the exact same code except it uses a different command, and posts different variables. Indenting is applied where I'm writing it, unfortunately when I copied and pasted my code here it did not come out as pretty.

    To sum up how this code would be used:

    1. Customer edits data in row
    2. Customer presses save
    3. Click event posts ajax request
    4. If no user defined errors occur, success callback calls second ajax request for new data
    5. LoadInventoryBySearch sends ajax request, success callback refreshes the table with new data
  4. In Topic: The best parental control

    Posted 4 Aug 2014

    Well this thread has made me appreciate my parents loads more but at the same time I feel like I missed out by not being given the awkward "Sex" and "Porn" talks lol.
  5. In Topic: Change the HTML attribute location in runtime

    Posted 30 Jul 2014

    Did you set the styling to accommodate such a change? Position:fixed is fairly helpful.

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