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  1. In Topic: Why do you need a team?

    Posted 29 Mar 2015

    View Postmarketbomb, on 29 March 2015 - 08:57 AM, said:

    I don't understand what you mean, can you clarify?

    Sometimes when people find their ideas are easy to implement, they start coming up with bigger ideas.
  2. In Topic: Help with this Euler Problem?

    Posted 28 Mar 2015

    I suggest you start by exercising some separation of concerns. You have two basic problems here - one is the UI problem, of dealing with boxes and input and when the user pushes a button and all that. The other is the interesting problem: given an mXn grid, determine the maximum product of any three adjacent elements.

    I suggest you work the latter problem first.


    what is the greatest product of three adjacent numbers in any direction (up, down, left, right, or diagonally) in the 5 5 grid?

    Did you notice that there's a bit of a redundancy here?
  3. In Topic: I got a C in Operating Systems

    Posted 28 Mar 2015

    View Postcarnivroar, on 28 March 2015 - 07:00 PM, said:

    Anyways, the reason I got a C is because the course was purely conceptual (not a single line of code) and that's not how I like to learn.

    To me, this sounds like "I only do what I like to do". As an interviewer, I'm thinking "Unless I have plenty of people around who are willing to do the shit work you disdain, I don't want you." (I know that's not what you mean, but I'm putting on my interviewer hat now)


    I took video game programming during that semester and that's where all my attention gravitated to - so much that my project is on my resume.

    Putting on my interviewer hat, I'm hearing "I can only concentrate on one thing at a time" and I'm thinking "I'd really like someone who can be thinking about fixing that bug in the registration flow, and also about the major change in the way we handle the connection from application to program... and this guy can't handle two classes at one time"


    I figured a little nerd joke before my truthful explanation would make it seem like I wasn't trying to give a half-assed excuse for my grade.

    I think the little nerd joke sounds like an excuse. Tell it straight: "I didn't do very well in the course, because I wasn't able to handle the sort of abstraction it required." From there you can either go to "I'm not good at academic CS, and I'm okay with that" or "Here's what I'm doing to make up for that failure in my abilities". Either is respectable, and most people will accept either of those. What they tell me is, on the left hand, that you are willing to accept that there are things you're not great at (and I'm going to prod a little bit to find out how you handle those limits when you reach them) or, to the right, that you are willing to fail and use it as a drive to improve yourself (in which case I'm going to worry that you're going to be a Little Engine That Actually Couldn't and hold up a project - and in the technical part of the interview, I'm going to ask you a problem that you can't solve and see how you handle that)

    Basically, it's okay to fail and it's okay to have limits. What the interviewer wants is to know is that you can recognize your limits and avoid deep water, and that if you find your way into deep water that you're going to call for help instead of just floundering around hoping nobody will notice.
  4. In Topic: I got a C in Operating Systems

    Posted 28 Mar 2015

    View Postcarnivroar, on 28 March 2015 - 07:00 PM, said:

    View Postjon.kiparsky, on 28 March 2015 - 12:26 PM, said:

    If anyone ever did ask me about my grades, I'd probably lose a notch of interest in that position.

    A Google recruiter asked me for my transcript.

    Fair enough - I couldn't lose any interest in working for google, because I haven't got any to begin with.
  5. In Topic: Why do you need a team?

    Posted 28 Mar 2015

    If you only have ideas that you can bang out in two months, a couple of hours a day, then maybe your ambition is not up to the level of your programming skill.

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    tys0nus Icon

    11 Mar 2015 - 05:06
    gre@t helper !!!
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    rossypz Icon

    15 Aug 2014 - 01:46
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    God bless.
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    BenignDesign Icon

    07 Aug 2014 - 10:36
    Very entertaining site you posted there. :)
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    BenignDesign Icon

    04 Aug 2014 - 08:48
    Damn! I would have loved to go, but we were on vacation in Virginia! Keep me posted if you know they're coming back in the future!
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    jedii Icon

    20 May 2014 - 02:32
    hey i wondering if you help me with my python project really need help am willing to pay
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    PythonPanda Icon

    23 Apr 2014 - 10:50
    Great help!
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    helpheimer Icon

    18 Apr 2014 - 00:12
    prevented my noob brain from melting multiple times :)
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    Preacher2012 Icon

    30 Mar 2014 - 16:32
    you give great help, mind help me with my cipher lab?
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    yashwanth.c.b Icon

    02 Mar 2014 - 00:20
    wow....jon thank you...i am happy thar i've got reps from you.... :)
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    BenignDesign Icon

    23 Dec 2013 - 22:32
    Rawr. I love it when you talk nerdy.
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    BenignDesign Icon

    23 Dec 2013 - 08:54
    And what's wrong with library cred? A well read man is a sexy man.
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    BenignDesign Icon

    18 Dec 2013 - 13:35
    Gotta maintain that computer geek street cred.
  13. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    18 Dec 2013 - 13:11
    Your theme song is both hysterical and sad. I doubt the truth in it, but I get the point.
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    modi123_1 Icon

    26 Nov 2013 - 07:35 -> a new project of yours?
  15. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    13 Nov 2013 - 12:03
    Heh - waves are fun.
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