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  1. In Topic: Payroll Calculator Program

    Posted 1 Sep 2014

    Hm. Since I can't see what you're submitting to, I suggest you talk to your instructor about the error. They'll be in a better position to help you on this one.
  2. In Topic: Payroll Calculator Program

    Posted 1 Sep 2014

    View Postlotionmerchant, on 01 September 2014 - 07:25 PM, said:

    It doesn't give me any feedback, just says I have a logical error and says: "Exception java.util.NoSuchElementException occurred"

    That would be feedback. :)

    This exception is thrown by the Scanner's next methods if there is no element in the queue. See this blog entry for a likely explanation of the cause.

    Docs for the Exception and the method where it's being thrown.
  3. In Topic: Payroll Calculator Program

    Posted 1 Sep 2014


    ALSO: monetary quantities must be preceded by a "$" and be calculated rounded down to the nearest penny.

    I don't see you rounding down. Look into number formatting.

    Does the submission system provide any feedback? If so, what is it saying?
  4. In Topic: Horrible at Interviews What Should I Do?

    Posted 31 Aug 2014

    First thing: don't study "interview questions". That's just putting the canary on a respirator. The point of asking these questions is to find out how well you think through a problem on your feet, and how well you can express your reasoning about a problem. If you've memorized a bunch of answers, your interviewers are going to notice that, and it's not going to make you look good.

    Second thing: do enjoy thinking about logic problems and working through complex sorts of questions. Get hold of some of Martin Gardner's collected "Mathematical Recreations" columns from Scientific American, or Smullyan's puzzle collections, or Hofstadter's Gödel, Escher, Bach, or hie thee hence to Project Euler, and dig in to some of those. And better yet, grab a buddy and start working through them aloud. Talk through them. Make drawings on your whiteboard (you do have a whiteboard, don't you?) Try to develop the sort of thinking that these interviewers are looking for: verbal skills, approximation to a solution, reducing the problem space, and so forth.

    Third thing: It's okay to try wrong directions. "Well, if we assume that X, then Y and Z, and... oh, but that can't be, because Q. So we don't assume that X..." sounds a lot better than "Um... um.... uh....". Solving a problem is a matter of approximating to a solution. You can't approach something if you're not moving. Try something, see if it works. If you're not seeing it, say so. Summarize what you've worked out, and where you're stuck. And then, odds are, you'll say something like "Oh, no, wait..." because that summary of where you're stuck will be what gets you unstuck, and then you'll solve the problem.

    Fourth thing: Remember that the interviewer wants you to succeed. They don't want to be interviewing many people, they want to be finding one person. If you're that person, then they're done, and they can get on with productive work. They like this. All you have to do is help them get there.

    Fifth thing: remember that the person you're talking to is a human being. Go ahead and like them, it's a reasonable default position to take. This will help a lot more than you might think.
  5. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 31 Aug 2014

    Playing around with R, using Conway's "Machine Learning For Hackers". Pretty sure I don't like R very much yet, but maybe I haven't cracked the code yet. Perhaps it makes sense in some way I'm not seeing.

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    rossypz Icon

    15 Aug 2014 - 01:46
    Hi,I Am Mrs Rose.I am writing to know you more for i have an important issue to discuss with you. for more details write me on This Email: wrte to my email..
    God bless.
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    BenignDesign Icon

    07 Aug 2014 - 10:36
    Very entertaining site you posted there. :)
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    BenignDesign Icon

    04 Aug 2014 - 08:48
    Damn! I would have loved to go, but we were on vacation in Virginia! Keep me posted if you know they're coming back in the future!
  4. Photo

    jedii Icon

    20 May 2014 - 02:32
    hey i wondering if you help me with my python project really need help am willing to pay
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    PythonPanda Icon

    23 Apr 2014 - 10:50
    Great help!
  6. Photo

    helpheimer Icon

    18 Apr 2014 - 00:12
    prevented my noob brain from melting multiple times :)
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    Preacher2012 Icon

    30 Mar 2014 - 16:32
    you give great help, mind help me with my cipher lab?
  8. Photo

    yashwanth.c.b Icon

    02 Mar 2014 - 00:20
    wow....jon thank you...i am happy thar i've got reps from you.... :)
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    BenignDesign Icon

    23 Dec 2013 - 22:32
    Rawr. I love it when you talk nerdy.
  10. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    23 Dec 2013 - 08:54
    And what's wrong with library cred? A well read man is a sexy man.
  11. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    18 Dec 2013 - 13:35
    Gotta maintain that computer geek street cred.
  12. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    18 Dec 2013 - 13:11
    Your theme song is both hysterical and sad. I doubt the truth in it, but I get the point.
  13. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    26 Nov 2013 - 07:35 -> a new project of yours?
  14. Photo

    modi123_1 Icon

    13 Nov 2013 - 12:03
    Heh - waves are fun.
  15. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    27 Aug 2013 - 12:01
    Naked ladies always dig the accordion player.
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