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  1. In Topic: need proper operands for assembly code

    Posted 17 Jul 2015

    Please help with what, modifying someone else's program? Sure looks like code from a decompiled exe, and we won't help with that.

    Closing this thread, any questions PM me.
  2. In Topic: The edx seem to be concatenating everything

    Posted 2 Jul 2015

    NUL terminating the string will definitely fix the problem, since the functions read the string until it hits a 0. The OP is linking against the Irvine library which is a wrapper around the Win32 API, not DOS interrupts.
  3. In Topic: The edx seem to be concatenating everything

    Posted 27 Jun 2015

    Why do you think that is? Look at each string carefully, how do string printing functions know when to stop printing the string? By looking for a 0, that is why they are called NUL terminated strings. What are you missing at the end of each of your strings? WriteString prints the string intro, and since you are missing the NUL terminator, it keeps printing everything after that until it hits a 0
  4. In Topic: Developing a new software

    Posted 19 Jun 2015

    Please don't open duplicate threads.

    Closing this.

    Please don't open duplicate threads.

    Closing this.
  5. In Topic: My first program

    Posted 13 Jun 2015


    cant get it to display

    Where are you displaying anything? Irvine has a few display routines:
    DumpRegs displays all of the registers in Hex.
    WriteBin displays a 32 bit integer to the console window in binary format
    WriteDec displays an unsigned 32 bit integer to the console window.
    WriteHex displays a 32 bit hex number to the console window
    WriteInt displays a signed 32 bit number to the console window.

    You could use any one of those routines to display the final result.


    or calculate correct

    If you cannot get it to display, how to you know it is not calculating correctly?
    Why do you have sub commented out? Your code is correct, you just need to print it out an learn to ADD COMMENTS!!!!

    Let's clean up your code and add comments and a call to display the results:
    main PROC    
        ; A = (A + B ) - (C + D)
    	mov     eax, 10     ; A
    	mov     ebx, 10     ; B
    	mov     ecx, 5      ; C
    	mov     edx, 5      ; D
    	add     eax, ebx    ; (A + B )  eax == sum
    	add     ecx, edx    ; (C + D)   ecx == sum
        sub     eax, ecx    ; (A + B ) - (C + D) eax == result
    	call    WriteDec    ; display results
        call    Crlf        ; add CR and Line Feed to console
        call    WaitMsg     ; wait for keypress
    	push    0
    	call    ExitProcess
    main endp
    end main

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