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  1. In Topic: Project in 64-bit Nasm assembly

    Posted 28 Feb 2015

    Not sure why you are pushing rbp on line 16, but it is not needed since you are not modifying rbp

    In the 64 bit world, things are very different. For variable argument (varargs) functions, if you are not using SSE (floating point) then al must be set to zero or the number of floating point/SSE arguments being passed otherwise your program will go boom.

    Next is your issue of passing arguments. Arguments do not get passed on the stack anymore, but in registers. Which registers all depend on what OS your program is for.

    Look here:
    34	    mov     rdi, debug
    35	    mov     rsi, [decsave]
    36	    mov     rax,0
    37	    call    printf 

    You have the parameter passing correct, and by using rdi and rsi, I can tell you are using Linux.

    But what goes on here:
    69	        mov     byte [abits+7],'.' ; end of dec. portion string
    70	        mov     byte [abits+8],0   ; end of "C" string
    71	        push    qword abits     ; string to print
    72	        push    qword fmts      ; "%s"
    73	        call    printf
    74	        add     rsp,8

    and here:
    87	        mov     byte [abits+3],10 ; end of "C" string at 3 places
    88	        mov     byte [abits+4],0 ; end of "C" string
    89	        push    qword abits     ; string to print
    90	        push    qword fmts      ; "%s"
    91	        call    printf
    92	        add     rsp,8

    Totally wrong calling convention is used. Even if we did push parameters on the stack, your cleaning it up wrong, you are passing 2 64 bit parameters so it would be add rsp, 8 * 2 (16 bytes)

    I won't knit pick about your coding style for now, but fix the parameter passing issues and that should get you going.
  2. In Topic: how to store a whole string in a register

    Posted 26 Feb 2015

    The most you can store in a 32bit register is 4 characters... 1 char is 8 bits... 4 chars x 8 = 32
  3. In Topic: MASM32

    Posted 25 Feb 2015

    So, what have you tried? Assembly has been around for decades, so there are plenty of examples/tutorials on the Internet. Do some Google searches, read some tutorials, try some code, and when you are stuck, post the code you are having trouble with and a question.

    To start you off, search for "Iczelion tutorials"
  4. In Topic: thermal printing

    Posted 17 Feb 2015

    Please post your questions in the appropriate forum. Tutorial section is not for help
  5. In Topic: Detecting DDoS attack

    Posted 13 Feb 2015

    Can we get back on topic here?

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