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  1. In Topic: project operating system

    Posted 5 Jan 2016

    I'm here snoopy :-)

    I will definitely second what turboscrew posted:

    This contains just about all you will need to get you started on writing an OS.

    You are not going to get much help here writing an os. A sold os from scratch takes years. You need to write drivers/interact with tons of different pieces of hardware: monitors, BIOS, hard drives, SSD, sound cards, printers, video cards different protocols to talk with all of this hardware, networking. Many things are closed source so you will need to reverse engineer some of this hardware to learn how to speak to it.

    If you have to ask, then you are not ready to write an OS from scratch. You will need to learn how to research.

    Probably the easiest way is to fork a Linux os and modify to suit your needs.
  2. In Topic: last name

    Posted 16 Dec 2015

    Let's move this on over to the Assembly forum....

    Not at a computer so I don't remember or check how readstring works. Just looked it up. You need to pass 2 args to readstring -
    Edx = pointer to a buffer to hold inputted string
    Ecx = length of buffer including null terminator.

    Now when readstring returns, loop through the buffer until you get to the space, increase the pointer by one and pass that address to WriteString.
  3. In Topic: HW Help

    Posted 15 Dec 2015


    Create a procedure named FindLargest that receives two parameters

    You created a procedure that takes 3 parameters instead of 2.

    Parameters are passed on the stack, your not accessing your parameters.

    Your using esi without initializing it to something of value.

    You never initialized ecx for your loop, it might loop once or thousands of times.
  4. In Topic: Assembly Language hello world

    Posted 15 Dec 2015

    What errors are you getting?

    The code on top is for 16bit DOS. The code on the bottom is for 32bit Linux and will not work on DOS or Windows.
  5. In Topic: Monthly Loadout 1 (December 2015)

    Posted 7 Dec 2015

    2 sets of keys for home and work,
    2 cell phones,
    And a wallet that contains all I need:
    City employee ID
    Drivers license
    4 different Certificate of Fitness from the fire department:
    A35, S12, S13, F01
    Card for subway sandwiches
    Various business cards
    Union Card
    Health insurance cards for doctors, hospitals, dental, and scripts.
    Blood donor card
    Bank card
    Credit card
    EPA 608 certification
    Registration and insurance cards
    Some Lint
    And some money.

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    How goes things, sunshine?
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    Congratz on Mod status. Seems like I'm really late to this party. Better late than never right. =D
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    Thanks No2, it was totally unexpected! Honored really!
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    Welcome to the team!
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    Good on you man, you are a DIC ++. That's skilled.
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    Congratulations on becoming an expert!!
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    hey, i was about tell you how good a job you were doing then i saw i already had :P
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    08 Oct 2011 - 08:04
    HeHe, thanks!
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    07 Oct 2011 - 21:05
    keep up the awesome work in the assembly forums! you're really doing an awesome job!
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