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  1. In Topic: Printing Base-10 Integers

    Posted 20 Jan 2015

    A quick few things...

    The write syscall does not accept a single character to print, but a pointer to the character/string to print. So you could convert number to ASCII, then push that number to the stack and pass rsp as the pointer of the char/string to print.

    Your using rcx as a condition to exit your loop, rcx is a volatile register, meaning it can be clobbered by the syscall. You have r11 - r15 that are safe to use (non-volatile)
  2. In Topic: How to Develop a Shortcut Antivirus using C Programming ?

    Posted 20 Jan 2015

    Yeah, we won't help write a virus. I will close this topic and ask you don't open like topics anymore.
  3. In Topic: Loop Func. Freezes My GUI

    Posted 9 Jan 2015

    WOW if I am not mistaken.

    The Blizzard EULA for WOW:


    License Limitations.
    Blizzard may revoke your license to use and/or the Games if you violate, or assist others in violating, the license limitations set forth below. You agree that you will not, in whole or in part or under any circumstances, do the following:
    Derivative Works: Copy or reproduce (except as provided in Section 1(B)/>), translate, reverse engineer, derive source code from, modify, disassemble, decompile, or create derivative works based on or related to the Client or Games.
    Cheating: Create, use, offer, advertise, make available and/or distribute the following or assist therein:
    Cheats; i.e. methods, not expressly authorized by Blizzard, influencing and/or facilitating the gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods;
    Bots; i.e. any code and/or software, not expressly authorized by Blizzard, that allows the automated control of a Game, and/or any component or feature thereof, e.g. the automated control of a character in a Game;
    Hacks; i.e. accessing or modifying the software of a Game or in an manner, not expressly authorized by Blizzard; and/or
    any code and/or software, not expressly authorized by Blizzard, that can be used in connection with the client,, a Game and/or any component or feature thereof which changes and/or facilitates the gameplay;

    So, as we will not help in creating cheats, bots or anything that goes against an EULA or TOS, I will close this topic and ask that you do not continue asking for help with this.

    *** EDIT ***
    In after the lock....
  4. In Topic: Figure I would share a happy life event.

    Posted 9 Jan 2015

    To add to this...

    Today I turned in all of my work keys (About 15!), turned in my Home Depot Company card, Amex Company card. Said goodbye to everyone, and left my job of 10 years. Start my new City job this Monday and cannot wait. Got a new apartment waiting for me (and my fiancé if she is willing to move in) for March 1st. What a great feeling.

    Thank you everyone for the congratulations!

    Posted 9 Jan 2015

    You can google it to find examples, bet you know how. And now for the thread lock....

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