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Icon   GunnerInc Please don't bother PM'ing me for help!! Post your questions in the correct forum for all to benifit from!!!

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  1. In Topic: avengers 2

    Posted 4 Sep 2014

    tell ya what I'm gonna do... I will close this and the other avengers thread. if you are going to open a topic for discussion, add your thoughts and not just ask questions. also there is no need to open duplicate topics.

  2. In Topic: Receive string plus image from serialport using c#

    Posted 3 Sep 2014

    Please don't open duplicate topics.

    *** Closing ***
  3. In Topic: x86 Assembly

    Posted 7 Aug 2014

    You could of easily found the answer out yourself. Move a number into eax, neg eax, then print out the result, now neg eax again and print the result.
  4. In Topic: [GTK#] How manage sizes of widgets?

    Posted 4 Aug 2014


    I create new dialog window. I add container Fixes and change Fixed properties : - AutoSize, +Expand, +Fill to enable other widgets. I add Text View, Textview is inside GtkScrolledWindow which has property X and Y but not Height and Width. If GtkScrolledWindow has scrollbars, its size is fixed, if not - size depends on the content Textview and grows when I type text. I want not to grow control if I type Text but want my own size. It is possible?

    You do realize, that a fixed container is just that - fixed! Its size does not change, its child widgets sizes do not change. Maybe I am not able to understand what exactly you are trying to do, but the GTKTextView does not change size when you type into it; it has no scrollbars which is why you need to put it into a GtkScrolledWindow which besides having an X and Y property, it does have a Width and Height property (At least in GTK+ it does) and since GTK# is a wrapper around GTK+, it should have it too. Whatever size you make your ScrolledWindow, is the size that the TextView takes.
  5. In Topic: Converting GAS to NASM

    Posted 23 Jul 2014

    It is not called GAS syntax, it is called AT&T syntax.

    You do not know NASM syntax, you know INTEL syntax.

    If you know INTEL syntax, that code you posted is fairly straight forward to convert by hand; but, now that you know the names of the different x86 Assembly syntaxes, you can now use your Google Foo to search for "AT&T to INTEL syntax converter" and try what you find. I don't do AT&T so I cannot vouch for any tools you find.

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