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  1. In Topic: My image doesn't show in my JFrame!?

    Posted 18 Dec 2014

    You are adding the image to the JPanel, but you never add the JPanel to the JFrame :)
    frame.add(panel, BorderLayout.CENTER);
  2. In Topic: How to implement JMenu actions

    Posted 17 Dec 2014

    Your question has nothing to do with JQuery (nor do your code)
    Edited the topic title for you :)
  3. In Topic: [android] App ideas and seperate forum section?

    Posted 14 Dec 2014

    Moved to the Android forum :)
  4. In Topic: Java FX Media Player ConcurrentModificationException when media change

    Posted 11 Dec 2014

    It's difficult for us to follow when you're not posting your updated code

    Are exceptions still occurring if you comment out the VideoThumbnail's?

    The following two event listeners might also be interesting to debug :)
    It is soooo difficult for us to track down the problem, when you aren't giving us enough information
    What steps are you doing to reproduce the exception?
    What events are triggering?
    In what order are the events executed?
    Updated code & full stack trace!
    loadedMediaView.setonmouseentered(new EventHandler<MouseEvent>(){
        public void handle(MouseEvent arg0) {
    loadedMediaView.setOnMouseExited(new EventHandler<MouseEvent>(){
        public void handle(MouseEvent arg0) {
            player.getMediaPlayer().seek(new Duration(0.0));
  5. In Topic: Java FX Media Player ConcurrentModificationException when media change

    Posted 11 Dec 2014

    I still don't like your changed listeners
    The exception is pointing to them as the root cause as well....
    at MixingDeck.prepareMedia(  This line points to the line "view.setMediaPlayer(jfxMediaPlayer.getMediaPlayer());"
     at MixingDeck$3.changed(
     at MixingDeck$3.changed(

    It is of course difficult to test without running your code

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    wanted to that you for your help with my gui practice
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    Hi CasiOo,
    I really didnt know the term. nyways seems like you can help me in at least telling me the way to get the related resources. but is it against the IT laws?
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    Thank you :)
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    Welcome to contributors group
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