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  1. In Topic: Programmatically login to webpage's

    Posted 1 Nov 2015

    Look for the Set-cookie part of the server's response, this is the cookie being sent by the server. A cookie is just a key-value pair, where the key is the name of the cookie, and the value could be any string

    You'll have to save the cookie(s), and send them in every request to the server. Cookies will be sent using the Cookie header.
    Example of setting a cookie in fiddler under the request composer:
    User-Agent: Fiddler
    Cookie: Session2=SomeRandomCookieValue
  2. In Topic: Programmatically login to webpage's

    Posted 31 Oct 2015


    Am i right in thinking i need to save the login session cookie

    Have you checked that such cookie is being set in the server response? If that's the case, then yes, you need to save the cookie, and apply it to every future request you send

    First you need to find out how they authenticate you, cookies, tokens, or something else :)?

    Fiddler is a great tool for inspecting requests and responses
  3. In Topic: Can't get a response at CORS request

    Posted 26 Oct 2015

    Edit: Ah, sorry for moving your post if it really belongs in Java
  4. In Topic: Creating Bookshelf driver class

    Posted 26 Oct 2015

    [ignore edit please]
  5. In Topic: [JAXB] Subclass Problem?

    Posted 21 Oct 2015

    Edited my answer above

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