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  1. In Topic: posting ajax form to multiple url

    Posted 16 Aug 2015

    I'm more interested in knowing why you would even do that
  2. In Topic: Java OOP transfer from csv file to combobox

    Posted 16 Aug 2015

    Ah sorry, it should have been DefaultComboBoxModel, since ComboBoxModel is an interface

    Also, check out, if you're looking to cleanup your try-catch spaghetti code :)

    Java 8 also have some new interesting features, like Files.readAllLines
  3. In Topic: Java OOP transfer from csv file to combobox

    Posted 16 Aug 2015

    You probably end up with two JComboBox instances, and the one added to the form, is the one with no data in it
    Take a look at this example
    String[] data1 = { "1" };
    String[] data2 = { "2" };
    this.comboBox1 = new JComboBox(data1);
    this.comboBox1 = new JComboBox(data2);

    "1" ends up being shown in the combo box. Why? Because only the first combo box instance is added. They are two different instances

    Instead you should be changing the data of the currently added combo box. That way you only end up with one instance :)
    // Convert to a Vector, since our combo box doesn't know about other collection types
    Vector<String> vectorData = new Vector<String>(ConsIDList);
    ComboBoxModel<String> comboBoxModel = new ComboBoxModel<>(vectorData);
  4. In Topic: problem with boolean value switching back and forth

    Posted 14 Aug 2015

    Your problem is caused by the assignments made in your if's
    if(setOn = true) and if(setOn = false)

    Remember that = is for assignment and == for equality checks

    For what is already a boolean value, you will skip using == all together, and instead write
    if (setOn) {

    Your power toggle is far simpler though
    public void togglePower() {
        setOn = !setOn;
  5. In Topic: API Platform as a Service Feedback (Please and Thank you)

    Posted 13 Aug 2015

    Some pages are not mobile friendly. Take for example the Docs page, it is unusable on mobile
    The menu also feels a bit odd to use on mobile. May be caused by the scrolling

    All your resources have Cache-Control:public, max-age=0. Why not cache your resources? Caching, even just for a day, will be an improvement
    Cache time of images are usually quite long, since they rarely change. JS and CSS should be cached, and your build step (if you have one), should be responsible to bump the file version if needed

    Concat your Javascript. This should also be a part of your build step
    ..unless you are waiting for http2, where concatenating wont be needed ;)

    I don't know how I feel about a News & Press section on the front page
    Your news really doesn't interest me as a first time visitor, when I'm here to find out what your solution is all about
    To me it is just an annoying section that you'll have to scroll over, to see what's at the bottom of the page

    Swap out the news section for more focus on Getting started ? That's what I'm interested in seeing :)

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