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  1. In Topic: Ctrl + V dump

    Posted 11 Mar 2013


    I was doing some math with Google's calculator and copied the answer
  2. In Topic: help modifying rand()

    Posted 16 Nov 2012

    It'll probably help if you post the rest of the code. One thing I noticed with this part -- You're returning a[i], but a is a character array, whereas the function's expecting a return value that's an integer.
  3. In Topic: Code Snippet- How to create a class and its functions

    Posted 2 Nov 2012

    Like Aphex said, this isn't the place for snippets, but thanks for posting!

    One thing I noticed, though - Is it generally a good idea to let member variables be public?
  4. In Topic: need help with homework assignment

    Posted 18 May 2012

    Just a few things first.
    It makes it easier for us to help you if you use [code] tags.
    Post what you've already tried; we don't just do you homework.

    Second, here are a few ideas:
    Create a method to update the tuition, and assign the yearly tuition to it.
    Create a variable to find the cost of tuition for four years, starting with a given year.
    You could do the above just starting at year 10, but this is good practice for reusability.

    Aside from that, keep us posted on what you're trying/what you've done, it shows that you're making good progress on this, and that you're putting in an effort to solve this on your own. Good luck!
  5. In Topic: Logical Operator XOR

    Posted 18 May 2012

    xOr, or Exclusive or, is used to determine if two signals are different, and one is, well, one.
    Regular or will return a 1 if either of them are a 1, so it would work with <0, 1> or <1, 1>. xOr is only going to evaluate to a 1 if exclusively one is true.

    pbl did a good job of explaining it using some examples. Mainly, Exclusive or is used in encryption, as or can be used in most logical practices.

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