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  1. In Topic: Appcelerator Titanium, should I keep using or switch to native?

    Posted 10 Apr 2013

    Thanks for the reply. We went ahead and stuck with Titanium and it's going well. Testing on an actual device eliminated most of the problems getting started.(I guess the emulator isn't all that great?)
  2. In Topic: Connecting to an API/Webservice with GET in iOS

    Posted 25 Oct 2012

    I was USING THE WRONG DOMAIN. :censored: :stupid: I guess I did learn something from all this though. Decided to use NSURL over ASSIHTTPRequest. And it forced me to really learn NSURL. This topic can be deleted or whatever, since it's not really gonna help anyone else.
  3. In Topic: Connecting to an API/Webservice with GET in iOS

    Posted 25 Oct 2012

    Bump. No one? I really have no idea. I did a simple app with just a label using NSURL to connect, but it still displays the "Environment without config" error like it's expecting me to connect in a certain way. Is this something that can be figured out? Via email maybe? I have the entire source for the api and access to the server it's stored on. Or am I gonna have to call the programmers that originally developed the service?
  4. In Topic: Connecting to an API/Webservice with GET in iOS

    Posted 24 Oct 2012

    Oh, one other thing. If I try to access these functions/scripts through the web browser, it displays the Environment without config error.
  5. In Topic: Joining 2 tables, mysql not seeing a column which exists?

    Posted 25 Jul 2012

    View Poste_i_pi, on 19 July 2012 - 02:42 PM, said:

    Whoa dude, that query might get the result but it's overkill, and it most likely renders your indexes useless, which will slow down your query times. Try this instead:
    	user.firstname AS Firstname, 
    	user.lastname AS Lastname, AS Email, 
    	course.fullname AS Course, AS Role, AS 'IBCLC Certified'
    FROM user
    INNER JOIN role_assignments AS asg ON asg.userid =
    INNER JOIN role ON = asg.roleid
    INNER JOIN context AS context ON asg.contextid =
    INNER JOIN course ON = context.instanceid
    INNER JOIN user_info_data ON = user_info_data.userid
    WHERE context.contextlevel = 50
    AND user_info_data.fieldid = '15';

    Using multiple tables in the FROM clause is fraught with danger IMO, and I believe is just a convenient way of avoiding learning about JOIN syntax properly. JOINs are actually quite easy. You'll use LEFT OUTER JOIN and INNER JOIN in about 99% of cases. RIGHT OUTER JOIN is next to useless, FULL JOIN has limited use (I have used it once in a work scenario, and I write about 10-50 queries a day) and CROSS JOIN is handy but rarely used.

    Your query worked wonderfully and it WAS a bit faster :D Thank you! I really need to get better with SQL. As i'm the only programmer here, I have to be more of a jack of all trades, doing basically all our IT tasks.

    View PostDuckington, on 25 July 2012 - 04:57 AM, said:

    Yeah we're on 1.9 as well for two of our Moodles, and 2.3 for the other one.

    Upgrading is pretty hard if you have lots of customisations, they've changed some really core stuff like how the database queries are run.

    Luckily we only have the one site right now and it's about to launch to the public. And there are some small customizations that I'm sure I could put into 2.3, I plan to set up a development version to play with it and see. Also, your sql from your site DID help. :D

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