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  1. In Topic: "People who say vim/emacs are better are clinically insane." -

    Posted 9 Feb 2013

    I agree with Ryan, you are taking this a bit too seriously. In today's development environment unless you HAVE to code without some sort of desktop environment/window manager you're probably creating more work for yourself by using vim (Note: I havent used emacs enough to have an opinion on it) or at the very least not being as productive as you could be. If you love vim/emacs to death and want to use it then go right ahead but don't be surprised that some people don't want to use vim (and emacs?) beyond what they were designed for, productively programming in a shell, because in the end its all about using what will help you produce best code you can.
  2. In Topic: What's so bad about community colleges?

    Posted 28 Dec 2012

    View PostGraxun, on 12 November 2012 - 08:28 PM, said:

    I always here people talk about community college like a bad thing. Is it that bad? Whats your opinion? I want to go to college for Computer Science/Programming and the college I was looking at offered everything I want, including certificates for Java Programming. Also it is close to my house "15-20 miles", and it's cheap.

    I went to Austin community college for two years before transferring to a university.I can honestly say (at least in austin TX) if you want to learn go to CC, if you want a piece of paper saying you 'learned' go to university. I learned more in my second programming class at ACC than in any of my upper level CS classes at university. All in all it boils down to 1 who is setting up the curriculum of the CS program and 2 who the teachers are. For me all of my teachers at university either retired years and years ago and hadn't kept up with whats in demand or couldn't make it and went straight into teaching when they got out of college, where as at ACC all of my teachers were part time teachers part time developers who were teaching because they loved helping people learn.

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