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  1. In Topic: How was your experience when you used Linux for the first time?

    Posted 24 Aug 2013

    It was 2011 when I entered into the DreamInCode IRC channel, which eventually got me into both Linux and programming. The folks mentioned it much, so I just got curious and wished to try, after all, I got bored of the old cracked Russian build of Windows XP that came with my PC. For some magical reason I picked Fedora (not a wise choice I know), so after a failed installation I got myself a corrupted partition table and had to return to Windows (this time 7). However after some time I wanted to attempt installation once more. I successfully installed Fedora 14 and have been a member of the Fedora community until the people in the same channel (already moved to FreeNode from EFNet) persuaded me to try Ubuntu, which I run as of now.
  2. In Topic: If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

    Posted 28 Jul 2013

    My two favorite countries have always been Canada and Australia. Provided I had a decent job and a good salary. I would stuck between these two. Gotta choose between a cold climate and satanic insects
  3. In Topic: Civil Unrest in Turkey

    Posted 1 Jun 2013

    Wow, so many policemen joined the revolution, such brave men. Let's see if there is any source of weapons for the protesters
  4. In Topic: We must go deeper, help us ?

    Posted 28 May 2013

    modi123_1, please be kind enough and forgive the OP for posting in the wrong section, would you move it please?
  5. In Topic: We must go deeper, help us ?

    Posted 28 May 2013

    The deepest screenshot is belongs to nathanpc, then there is mine, and then geo ruins the fun, but anyway, we want to gather as many screenshots in there as we can, just open the image in your browser and post a shot.

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New D.I.C Head
18 years old
October 27, 1996
Yerevan, Armenia
Programming, computers, Linux, Firefox OS, Android, IRC bots, AI development
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PHP(abandoned), C++, Python, Java(a lil' bit), JavaScript(in progress)

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    creativecoding Icon

    10 Feb 2013 - 22:48
    Post more yo! Stop lurk'n!
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    hulla Icon

    12 Jul 2011 - 19:02
    Hey. Thanks for the help :) Appreciate it. By the way, which continent is Armenia in?
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