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  1. In Topic: C book recommendations.

    Posted 16 Jul 2013


    this author is probably part of the Indian education system.

    Nope this author isn't but I know one author who is (and I won't name him for obvious reasons) and whose book has fatal mistakes (I don't think you remember Jim, but you were the one who pointed the mistake in my code when I first joined DIC). After that I even mailed the author that a book that technically millions of Indian students read has an error that should be corrected in it's next edition which came out after some 7 months or so! Alas, the reply was as expected, no reply! It was disappointing as well.

    I think the reason Kanetkar's book is famous because every senior student says "I read his book" ! Believe me, only a few colleges in India has K&R C book for students to issue in the library and most of the fellows read this book and assume it to be a Bible of some kind. Also the book's catchy name and easy (or rather universal) availability (both first and n'th hand!) at damn cheap prices adds to fame.

    Again who am I to speak ! I can never say my instructor that what he told is absolutely illogical because doing that I will risk low grades ! Take a look here :

    How are students in Indian colleges taught programming?

    You will know what I mean. India has produced several great programmers and computer scientists and not all instructors are bad. Some faculties are like Godfathers. Awesomely knowledgeable, affectionate (one of our senior's ex-instructors is now a CS faculty at MIT, I had a chance to talk with him for 10 minutes and I wish he had not left the college! but the field of research he was in made more sense in U.S. so his decision was well placed) and we love to work and learn from them.
    But for every 1 good instructor perhaps there's 3 bad (is 'bad' the correct word as they have lots of degrees? No perhaps, but keeping aside my instructor's degrees for a while, I pay for my education, shouldn't I be reaping the best out of it?) That time, it's sites like DreamInCode and StackOverflow and good, knowledgeable people like you who become our mentors and solace as well.

    Edit: I am sorry if I am going off topic. Just my two pence.
  2. In Topic: C book recommendations.

    Posted 16 Jul 2013


    This is part of the problem, and books by this author seem to be part of the reason for these problems. Using these books as text books encouraging the use of outdated tools and operating systems is doing too many of these students a disservice.

    WOW ! A very valid point ! I never thought of this ! Good point made Jim !


    there's not a chance that I'll waste my money

    You will be astonished to know that every CS college in India has at least a 100 copies of Kanetkar's books in their libraries (another reason perhaps for the fame of DOS based tools). Nobody really buys it (the price is very less $2.7 only) and I seriously doubt the royalty he gets out of his books :bigsmile:
  3. In Topic: C book recommendations.

    Posted 16 Jul 2013

    I fully accept this fact about Kanetkar's book! Although some colleges in India do propose the use of Turbo C++ etc. (for reasons best known to them), several states in India completely run Linux based development environment. Leaving that glitch aside, the book is not at all a bad book for beginners, and many fellow developers who are working in Fortune 500 companies, started their programming career with Let Us C (C is the universal first year first/second semester language taught in India, although the focus is on programming, C happens to be the tool). So I think we should give this book a chance !

    As of Schildt's book, it can be very well replaced by Deep C Secrets book, but still the coverage Schildt does is good. I wish he updated his book more frequently, which is again one good thing about commercial languages like C#, that get updated annually at least, forcing authors to update/correct the text to match the scenario.

    Edit: I am no way affiliated to either of the authors !
  4. In Topic: C book recommendations.

    Posted 15 Jul 2013

    Learning: Programming In Ansi C by Balagurusamy
    Let Us C by Yashvant Kanetkar

    Intermediate: Pointers in C by Yashvant Kanetkar
    Expert C Programming : Deep C Secrets by Peter Van Der Linden

    Advanced: C: The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt
    Data Structures Using C by Aaron M. Tenenbaum, Yedidyah Langsam, Moshe J.Augenstein (For more DS concepts)

    I will add another category:

    Practice : Test Your C Skills by Yashvant Kanetkar

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