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Nasal Demon
32 years old
March 20, 1986
Rokietnica, podkarpackie, Poland
Programming, philosophy, some physics, some math, some CS, some of a lot of other things.
Always willing to play a match of LoL, for some reason.
Warhammer 40k universe is slowly enchanting me... Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.
A good book is a welcomed guest on my shelf. Thanks to Jim - I have a lot on my To-Read list!
Always been a movie watcher - though refined taste is not something I possess. Tarantino all the way!
Cats. I love them buggers. Even have one.
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Tomasz Wota
Years Programming:
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Pretty good: C, C++, PHP
Not too shabby: Java, JavaScript, Python, C#
Bit rusty: Perl
Can't remember a thing: Atari 128 & Commodore 64 BASIC, Pascal
Learning (or planning to): LUA, Haskell, Scala
Thinking about glancing trough: Mathematica, D, Objective-C, Go, R, Clojure, Curl (not libcurl :P), Julia

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  1. Photo

    Xupicor Icon

    24 Nov 2012 - 14:10
    196 it is! Woohoo! :D
  2. Photo

    Xupicor Icon

    24 Nov 2012 - 03:18
    10 more, but 186 is nice too. Hopefully I'll last longer than U-186 did though. http://www.uboat.net/boats/u186.htm
  3. Photo

    raghav.naganathan Icon

    24 Nov 2012 - 02:19
    I am now looking forward to your 196 ;)
  4. Photo

    Xupicor Icon

    24 Nov 2012 - 02:16
    Ha! Neat. :]
  5. Photo

    raghav.naganathan Icon

    24 Nov 2012 - 02:11
    Thanks Xupicor...my member title now reads Perfectly Squared ;)
  6. Photo

    ishkabible Icon

    23 Nov 2012 - 16:34
    pretty good; now what does my rep say that it's 1 greater? anything?
  7. Photo

    Xupicor Icon

    20 Nov 2012 - 06:57
    Hey there, yeah, and it's faster than I thought it would be. ;P
    196, here I come! :D
  8. Photo

    raghav.naganathan Icon

    20 Nov 2012 - 06:17
    Hey buddy :) Perfect square again :) 169 ;)
  9. Photo

    Xupicor Icon

    13 Nov 2012 - 02:07
    Well, if I could work in Poland, I would, it's not so easy though. It's nice here, though I'm not a big city creature. (Paris isn't so big though) I'd like to study here, why not - but I'm hard pressed by "life", I have to work myself to get my food on my table, and studying is not cheap. So I try to work where I can. Even if it's painting walls, I'll do ...
  10. Photo

    ricardo49 Icon

    11 Nov 2012 - 00:10
    I had a Polish girlfriend once. I have some Polish textbooks and a dictionary around here somewhere. It was about 30 years ago, though. I remember enough to be able to pronounce Polish names without asking for help. Are you in France temporarily, like as a student? Did you marry a French woman? Do you want to stay there? (I would, especially ii it's in Paris!) Am I being too nosey? Just...
  11. Photo

    Xupicor Icon

    10 Nov 2012 - 08:13
    "Understanding" isn't even appropriate, I think. Most of the time I DON'T understand them. :P But I'm learning. ;)
  12. Photo

    Xupicor Icon

    10 Nov 2012 - 08:12
    I'm Polish, so I speak Polish on a native level, and at that I proud myself to have rather varied vocabulary, as I like to read. ;) I write English rather fluently, speak it at a comfortable enough manner to talk about everyday matters like dinner, weather, cosmology... French? Well, only basic understanding right now. I'm fourth month here, in Paris.
  13. Photo

    ricardo49 Icon

    10 Nov 2012 - 08:07
    How long have you lived in France? Which do you speak better, French or Polish? Polish or English?
  14. Photo

    Xupicor Icon

    10 Nov 2012 - 01:31
    Yes you did, I reported that bug lately as I did the very same thing. Also the counter doesn't work outside of Chromium for me. ;) Don't worry, it'll get resolved at some point.
  15. Photo

    silvarray Icon

    10 Nov 2012 - 01:08
    ...did I run out of characters there?
    It's going to take me a while to get used to these forums! :(
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