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  1. In Topic: mail() that does not works on vodien hosting

    Posted 7 Jan 2014

    If mail() isn't working on a server you might want to inquire about the PHP settings on the said server.
  2. In Topic: Blackjack program/ random generator and checking winner issue

    Posted 25 Sep 2013

    When you are trying to use the rand() function to generate numbers randomly, you are going to need to give it a seed to use. Look up the srand() function and it should help you out. I would recommend making it the first line after you start your main or right after your variable declarations.
  3. In Topic: LNK2019 errors unresolved external symbol

    Posted 25 Sep 2013

    if you take the ; from RPG.cpp line 14 and move it to the end of Monster.h line 26 you will take care of that first syntax issue. Also you don't need lines 1-3 and 6 in Monster.cpp as they are already in Monster.h.
  4. In Topic: Error

    Posted 19 Nov 2012

    from what i see you have occup going out of scope and it is not defined within the function you are trying to use it in.

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