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  1. In Topic: Possible variable scoping issue.

    Posted 21 Dec 2014

    Each process has its own set of variables. If the subprocess calls outputFromProgram, that will set the List variable in the subprocess. It will not affect the value of the List variable in the parent process.

    If you need a subprocess to be able to change variables in the parent process, you need to not use subprocesses.
  2. In Topic: ROS - Ruby operating system v0.9

    Posted 21 Dec 2014

    What you implemented is a shell, not an operating system.

    In order for it to be an operating system, it would have to be possible to boot into it, that is to run it directly from the boot loader, not as a process on an already running operating system.
  3. In Topic: Possible variable scoping issue.

    Posted 20 Dec 2014

    What exactly does "external program" mean here? If you're actually invoking another program in a sub-process, then nothing you do in that process (at least in terms of setting variables and such) will affect the parent process.

    You used the global keyword correctly, so that's not the issue.
  4. In Topic: colors problem in c++

    Posted 20 Dec 2014

    Instead of changing the color right at the beginning, change it just before you print the @ and then change it back right after.
  5. In Topic: Understanding static and for loop

    Posted 12 Dec 2014

    In Java the condition of for-loops, while-loops and if-statements has type bool and there is no implicit conversion from int to bool. In the original C a bool type didn't even exist, so those statements definitely don't expect a bool. Instead they expect any integral type.

    Furthermore any integral type is implicitly convertible to any other integral type (including C++'s bool and C99's bool_t), so even if you have a function that does expect a boolean, it is fine to pass an int instead.

    On a related note most operators that you'd expect to return a boolean (like <, == etc) actually have type int in C. So if it weren't possible to use ints as for-, while- or if-conditions in C, basically nothing would work.

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