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  1. In Topic: [Java LWJGL OpenGL] Error rendering 3D blocks

    Posted 25 Jun 2012

    I am clearing the depth buffer, but I was unaware that I had to explicitly enable depth testing, I'll try that.
  2. In Topic: Library programs to StarCraft

    Posted 15 Jun 2012

    1. Any program is made up of sections of code either split up into functions or classes, so yes, everything is made up of smaller sections containing ifs, thens, elses, etc.

    2. Well, it really depends on the Starcraft you're talking about. Starcraft II may have more lines of code that Starcraft, but it most likely isn't as large as the Flame virus, as most of the data is resources (images, sounds, etc.)

    3. I'd assume that Starcraft was written in C++, probably with Directx, as that's what developers seem to like (for some strange reason). While it is in theory to write a program with multiple languages (maybe C++ with a built in Lua interpreter), but most people don't do that.

    And as for the leap from linked lists to siege tanks, even though I'm more of a Java programmer (just trying to get much better with C++), it has to do with learning how a game is structured. You can only do that by making your own game.

    Try starting by researching OpenGL and DirectX, or more specifically how to use them to make custom graphics, then write simple games.

    - Try to make a simple box that moves around the screen
    - Expand that to include gravity, collision, and jumping

    Someone else will probably have some other suggestions.

    EDIT: Also, Zerg > Terran. Try Mutalisks, not Siege Tanks.
  3. In Topic: Getting Past The Plateau - Beware, Wall of Text

    Posted 15 Jun 2012

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I've been looking through the suggestions and I'll probably order one (or find an internet version) sometime soon.

    Thanks for the help!
  4. In Topic: Functional Programming In Game Development

    Posted 7 Jun 2012

    I suppose so :/

    Haskell then? :P
  5. In Topic: Functional Programming In Game Development

    Posted 6 Jun 2012

    I ended up choosing Racket (formerly PTL Scheme) as my language of choice for a couple of reasons.

    1) Still has some OO
    2) Has graphics bindings
    3) Seems to keep the OO to a minimum, and it keeps itself very functional

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