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  1. In Topic: GUI programming

    Posted 27 May 2015

    View Postmaceysoftware, on 27 May 2015 - 08:56 AM, said:

    Drop a button from the tool box on the form double click to go into the handler and type the following code:
    this->Text = "Hello World";

    ... That is NOT C++. It is C++/CLI, a hideous, non standard, .NET only mutant thing that uses a lot of non C++ syntax. It does not compile to a binary executable but .NET p-code. If you wish to use .NET, this should be your last choice of language. Try C# then ( or, shudder, VB .)

    Neither C or C++ specify a graphic environment; but there are tons written for them. If you want to do MS Windows programming in C++, you want a Win32 project. For C++, the Qt library is fun, though it's more a complete environment thing. Anything that runs on Linux will have C bindings, actually.

    First, you must choose your poison. What kind of graphic program do you want? If you're looking to games, then other libraries make sense, like SDL.
  2. In Topic: How do I use local storage for a text rpg?

    Posted 27 May 2015

    View PostJohn822, on 26 May 2015 - 09:38 PM, said:

    where it saves to the local storage

    Hmm, this is slightly different than the first question. In modern HTML5 you actually have a good amount of space for saving something like a game state. A quick google of "html5 local storage games" gives some nice results.

    Most apropos:

    Classic, general, resource:
  3. In Topic: tic tac toe-single user vs computer

    Posted 27 May 2015

    The bad news, this code has innumerable problems and is a horrid example to work from. The good news, sort of, you clearly didn't write it:

    Start from scratch, do your own work, don't use globals. When you have something that YOU did compiling but giving you problems, then post it and ask specific questions about it.

    Good luck.
  4. In Topic: How do I use local storage for a text rpg?

    Posted 26 May 2015

    Ultimately, your browser based Javascript has to talk to something that can store data for when the browser is closed. The browser can store a limited amount on the client, but this is generally not helpful for most things. So, you talk to a server.

    Javascript in the browser talks to servers via HTTP. So, ultimately, your data store will offer some kind of web service that the browser can talk to. The web service will generally talk to a database and can be written in anything that can talk to a database and offer up server content.

    There are lots of frameworks out there to talk to web services. Most like some kind of RESTful service and JSON payloads.

    I'm not sure if this will help or just scare the hell out of you, but take a look at something like!/ . This covers pretty much everything you'd need for a modern application, top to bottom:

    That's a ton of info, btw. Don't expect to digest it all at once. Start small. Figure out how to call a web service in Javascript. In the above case that's AngularJS, which is pretty neat. However, you can use all kinds of JS libraries down to jQuery and just raw ajax.
  5. In Topic: Have issues with the code of creating Multiple choice quiz

    Posted 25 May 2015

    Your program has changed rather significantly since last you posted... And I see it echoed around various forums. I hope you're not trying to have the internet write this for you.

    View Postjaddy789, on 25 May 2015 - 08:52 AM, said:

    not sure how to append the answers to the button.

    You'd be replacing rather than appending. Look at this line:
    self.buttonList[0].configure(text='Button 1')

    Now, how do you think you change the text of a button?

    View Postjaddy789, on 25 May 2015 - 08:52 AM, said:

    And have trouble to with the random shuffle like don't know how am I supposed to shuffle questions in the label

    Your steps are:
    • Load all possible answers into a list.
    • Shuffle the list. ( This is where you actually get to call random.shuffle. )
    • Populate the buttons based on the list.
    • Change the command in button ( these are your rules ) to reflect which is correct.
    • When user clicks, either correct or incorrect, record if correct.
    • Repeat for each question you have.

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