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  1. In Topic: CandyMachine project, don't know where to start

    Posted 16 Apr 2014

    Crap, sorry, response not apropos to necro.
  2. In Topic: Cannot Query more than one data

    Posted 16 Apr 2014

    First, T-SQL is the procedural language for a database. Don't mistake it for a general purpose language, because it kind of sucks for that.

    If you want something akin to an array of objects in a database... it's called a table. ;)

    If you want to loop through that data, which is generally a bad idea, the construct that will help you is called a cursor.

    declare @foo table(id int identity(1,1), name nvarchar(100))
    insert into @foo(name) values ('Packet-Eye')
    insert into @foo(name) values ('Wiggy')
    insert into @foo(name) values ('Wimax-Lite')
    insert into @foo(name) values ('Wimax-Home') 
    -- select * from @foo
    declare @name nvarchar(100)
    declare c cursor for select name from @foo
    open c
    fetch next from c into @name 
    while (@@FETCH_STATUS=0) begin
    	print @name
    	fetch next from c into @name 
    close c
    deallocate c

    If it looks kludgey, it kind of is.

    I'll often load a result set into a temp table and loop through it, removing rows as I go. e.g.
    while exists(select * from @foo) begin
    	declare @key int, @name nvarchar(100)
    	select @key=MIN(id) from @foo
    	select @name=name from @foo where id=@key
    	print @name
    	delete from @foo where id=@key

    Again, sometimes you must loop through data in T-SQL. However, it's the least efficient way to process data and should be used as a last resort.
  3. In Topic: SQL Query by distance

    Posted 15 Apr 2014

    Yes. However, avoiding SQRT can be a significant optimization. Also, avoiding POW can be as well.
  4. In Topic: Simplyfy MiniMax Algorithm Tic Tac Toe

    Posted 15 Apr 2014

    For some reason, "not bestscore" didn't seem to be evaluating to true when it was None. Which doesn't make sense. I did a quick sanity check:
    >>> x = None
    >>> x
    >>> not x
    >>> x == None

    So, I'm still confused on that. Python prefers just variable or not variable for boolean evaluation when you can...

    Ah, I'm no longer confused:
    >>> x = 0
    >>> x
    >>> if x:
    ...     print True
    ... else:
    ...     print False

    The int value 0 also evaluated to false. Since we were using integers, I got burned.

    The other was that when you toggle isMax in the min_max, you also need to toggle the marker. You'll see the first version has it statically set to self.marker, which is wrong. The one that works takes a marker value that it then toggles.

    The toggle is moderately redundant here, since the side can be derived from the isMax value, but that seemed like more work.
  5. In Topic: Simplyfy MiniMax Algorithm Tic Tac Toe

    Posted 15 Apr 2014

    Right, two bugs. One, None doesn't evaluate as boolean False ( thought it did. ) Two, the side changes with the min max.

    class AI:
        def __init__(self, marker):
            self.marker, self.opponentmarker = marker, self.toggle(marker)
            self.type = 'C'
        def move(self,gameinstance):
            move_position,score = self.min_max_move(gameinstance, True, self.marker)
        def toggle(self, marker):
            if marker == 'X':
                return 'O'
            return 'X'
        def min_max_move(self, gameinstance, isMax, marker):
            def cmp(score, bestscore):
                if bestscore == None:
                    return True
                if isMax:
                    return score > bestscore
                return score < bestscore
            bestscore, bestmove = None, None
            for m in gameinstance.get_free_positions():
                if gameinstance.is_gameover():
                    score = self.get_score(gameinstance)
                    move_position, score = self.min_max_move(gameinstance, not isMax, self.toggle(marker))
                if cmp(score, bestscore):
                    bestscore, bestmove = score, m
            return bestmove, bestscore
        def get_score(self,gameinstance):
            if gameinstance.is_gameover():
                if gameinstance.winner  == self.marker:
                    return 1 # Won
                elif gameinstance.winner == self.opponentmarker:
                    return -1 # Opponent won
            return 0 # Draw

    I have numerous issues with the code this is based off of. In any case, that's as clean as I can get this.

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    I agree so much with your opinion of incompetent CS teachers. So true!
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    I agree with assert(C). However, I'd rather not specify what you are "the best" at.
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    You are the best
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    This guy is AWESOME! Cheers bro!
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    02 Aug 2011 - 02:50
    Wow that's alot of programming languages... :O
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    04 Jul 2011 - 16:54
    Kudos to you baavgai, the most well deserved mentor on DIC in my opinion.
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