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  1. In Topic: Returning a char pointer

    Posted 25 Mar 2015

    int keylength;
    char* fin = malloc(keylength * sizeof(char));
    keylength = strlen(key);

    It would help if you load keylength before you allocate based on it.

    It's unclear why you'd need so many copies. Why the double encoding?

    Just for fun:
    char encodeChar(char, char);
    char decodeChar(char, char);
    void vigenere(char *msg, char *key, char *result, int encode);
    void test(char *msg, char *key) {
        char *buff = malloc(strlen(msg) + 1);
        printf("Message: %s\n", msg);
        printf("Key: %s\n", key);
        vigenere(msg, key, buff, 1);
        printf("Enc 1: %s\n", buff);
        vigenere(buff, key, buff, 1);
        printf("Enc 2: %s\n", buff);
        vigenere(buff, key, buff, 0);
        printf("Dec 1: %s\n", buff);
        vigenere(buff, key, buff, 0);
        printf("Dec 2: %s\n", buff);
        printf("Valid: %s\n", (strcmp(msg,buff)==0)?"True":"False");
    int main() {
        test("ABCDE", "ZIGGY");
        return 0;

    Message: ABCDE
    Key: ZIGGY
    Enc 1: ZJIJC
    Enc 2: YROPA
    Dec 1: MWVWP
    Dec 2: ABCDE
    Valid: True

    Note, my vigenere function makes no calls to malloc or the like; no allocations need be made to make it work. If you must have that wonky output, you'll probably need one allocation. Pay attention to how I did it in test; the sizing is important.

    Note, applying the same key twice is non standard. It also gains you nothing; you'll get the same results if you apply the key to itself and then apply it. Which is to say, you just use a single key.

    Hope this helps.
  2. In Topic: Weird loop issue (C)

    Posted 24 Mar 2015

    You have a few things going on here.
    res =(char*)realloc(res,strlen(s));
    /* res does NOT have enough room for s
       you forgot about '\0'
    Why strcat instead of strcpy?!?
    If you want to append a string (strcat), 
    then you need an end of string to append to
    when did you set *res to 0?
    /* actually, you may not even get here
    but if you do, your res doesn't have enough room 
    for a string terminator.
    You might get away with it, once in a while, 
    if nothing else in your program allocates...

    Hope this helps.
  3. In Topic: 2 dimensional arrays/ Tic tac toe game.

    Posted 22 Mar 2015

    Ok, since lost doesn't even begin to describe this...

    You want a loop. A "game" loop. The players take turns and the loop runs until the game completes, either because someone won or because there are no more moves.

    Here's a simple framework:
    public class TicTacToe {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
        public static void playGame() {
            // int n = 4; huh? no.  wtf 4?
            char[][] gameBoard = new char[3][3];
            // s is a horrid name
            // Scanner s = new Scanner(;
            Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
            // this is pointless
            // Random r = new Random(System.currentTimeMillis());
            // why the hell would you return anything?
            // char[][] gb = printArray(gameboard);
            // huh?
            // int rand = r.nextInt(2) ;
            // right
            // here we'll fill with '?'
            // this is NOT to be confused with printing!!!
            char turn = 'X'; // we start with X
            while(!isGameOver(gameBoard)) {
                // print here
                System.out.println(turn + " it is your turn!");
                System.out.println("enter the coordinates of untaken cell in a row colum format");
                System.out.println("ie. 1 0 will place your mark in row 1 column 0 of the grid");
                System.out.println("your entry please...");
                int row = scanner.nextInt();
                int col = scanner.nextInt();
                if (isValid(gameBoard, row, col)) {
                    gameBoard[row][col] = turn;
                    // toggle turn
                    // your code here
                } else {
                    // let them know they entered crap
                    // your code here
            // someone won or it's a tie
            // show final board
            // show results
            if (isWin(gameBoard,'X')) {
                // your code here
            } else if (isWin(gameBoard,'O')) {
                // your code here
            } else {
                // it's a tie
                // your code here

    Hope this helps.
  4. In Topic: Return array from function in C

    Posted 21 Mar 2015

    It's a fundamentally awful example. The static is confusing. You should never, ever, use srand outside of main. Returning pointers is usually a questionable activity. The magic number 10 is simply bad.

    For a quick example if the strange world of static:
    #include <stdio.h>
    void showStatic() {
        static int x = 0; /* this will only get called once */
        int y = 0; /* this will get called each time showStatic is entered */
        printf("x=%d, y=%d\n", ++x, ++y);
    int main () {
        return 0;

    x=1, y=1
    x=2, y=1
    x=3, y=1
    x=4, y=1
  5. In Topic: help is my ERD and database structure is correct?

    Posted 21 Mar 2015

    The book_name and student_name are redundant, denormalized. They are also not foreign keys. The tbl in the name is also redundant.

      student_id: PK, FK
      book_id: PK, FK

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