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  1. In Topic: retrieve text from chat room error

    Posted 2 Oct 2015

    View Postmacosxnerd101, on 01 October 2015 - 06:35 PM, said:

    What chat room? Does the TOS allow for bots?

    any chat room.the bot will send greeting to user as they join the room
  2. In Topic: retrieve text from chat room error

    Posted 1 Oct 2015

    how to terminate unwanted symbols that appear after i get the text from the chat room.
    some thing like this appear to me when i retrieve the text at the end of most the lines


    i tried this code but still not working

    SendMessageR(hwnd, EM_GETLINE, iLastLine - 2, strBuffer)
    sText(sText.Length - 1) = strBuffer.ToString(0, strBuffer.Length - 1)
  3. In Topic: retrieve text from chat room error

    Posted 1 Oct 2015

    im making a chat room bot. which can greeting users and etc

    When the text is bold or large font, is it wrapped to the TextBox like it is in Notepad or Wordpad when the Wrap mode is turned on?

    - yes and the app consider it new line

    Is each message just added to the end of the textbox as it is received or sent?

    - yes

    Is there a blank line at the end of the textbox?

    Can you show an image of the textbox after a message or two is exchanged?
    Posted Image

    My guess is, you might be able to just save the Lines Count in a variable each time the text is retrieved. Then the next time it is retrieved, you subtract the last line count from it which would give you the number of lines you need to get. It might be 2 or even 3 lines instead of the 1 that you are getting now.
    - that's how my code is working,the issue it should get the whole line since i got it's length but. it just get part of it, and im not talking about it should get warped line. what i mean is if there's a warped line of 20 words into 3 lines and the first line of it is like 10 words , i only retrieve like 4 words of the 10
  4. In Topic: retrieve text from chat room error

    Posted 1 Oct 2015

    i have one more problem the project im working on is pal-talk .so now when users send to the room in bold and large font the program only get few words of the text and don't get the rest

    is there away to make it get the full line text
  5. In Topic: access database structure design

    Posted 9 Feb 2015

    but if i want to modify the data in the DGV will it be easy for to tell which data be save to which table

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