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  1. In Topic: Active game objects and Update()

    Posted 3 Oct 2012

    Some good points to keep in mind, I appricate the time taken to write it out.

    Yeah I've dealt with culling before in my autocad work. Our C++ programmer gave me a crash course with our in house software. Something along the lines of clockwise and anti clockwise vertex drawing order, if its one way its facing you if its the other its behind. Among some other stuff.
  2. In Topic: Active game objects and Update()

    Posted 3 Oct 2012

    View PostBBeck, on 03 October 2012 - 08:52 AM, said:

    I don't know if there is an absolute best way. But rather than iterating through a huge list to discover who's active and who's not, you could have a list of who's active. You could remove them from the list when they de-activate and add them to the list when they are activated.

    You could use several different data structures to store that including a simple array. In XNA you would probably use the List<> object.

    Yeah that was the second method I thought of. Purely for discussions sake, would it make a difference if there were 200/500/1000/X objects in the game to look through. Or is the process so insignificant at run time that its pointless putting much thought into it.
  3. In Topic: Game Development Discussion

    Posted 3 Oct 2012

    Please keep in mind that although im a confident coder and code in C#/ for a living, im new to the game scene. But this might actually mean my own recent experience can help you.

    I would say get stuck into XNA. I did and its been fine.

    My own path so far has gone like so:

    Breakout clone
    Break out clone + power ups
    Pong (two player)
    Pong (one player)
    Scrolling Shooter (current self imposed task)

    My progression basically took me through a the basic concepts getting slightly more advanced. In order the above list made me work through

    Player input, collision detection, updating and moving game objects, win conditions, multiple input sources, animation and basic AI controlled objects.

    Im now putting pretty much all of that together and working on a side scrolling shooter which uses all of the above at once. But I also want to flesh out what I've learnt technique wise too.

    sorry for the double post but I cant edit yet.

    Just realised the above isnt exactly what your after advise wise but might at least get you thinking of how you can get started in the learning process.
  4. In Topic: Coming back after gaining experiance

    Posted 24 Jul 2012

    View PostButchDean, on 24 July 2012 - 06:57 AM, said:

    Hi RollaJ

    Do you realize that you have quite solid experience that can get you into games as a tools programmer? Your knowledge of Max and C# is a great mix that could land you such a job.

    Secondly, being at a studio is the best way to learn how games are made, ramping up your skills significantly.

    I hope you give it some thought.

    Nice to know! For now im pretty happy in my job (making custom tools for Autocad), might be something to look into should something happen though. What does a tools programmer in the game industry actually entail?

    I agree hands on is the best learning, thats how I became good at what I do (that and a lot of late nights!)

    Going to dig my teeth into XNA at the weekend hopefully, see what I remember and whats new.
  5. In Topic: Coming back after gaining experiance

    Posted 23 Jul 2012

    Ok, I'll read up on the current state of XNA a bit more then. I would want to use my own network code (or a good API). Wouldnt touch games for windows with a barge pole purely from my own user experiance!

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