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  1. In Topic: What were your programming classes like?

    Posted 4 Mar 2015

    I have had a lot of different programing teachers and yes there have been one or two that took the approach you mentioned however that has not been the norm. I took a class teaching design patterns using java to make android apps. talk about learning curve trying to learn android API/development environment at the same time as commonly used or just brain twist fun design patterns. I worked my tail off and got a C than retook the class during the accelerated summer term and worked my tail off again and got a C+ lol learned a lot though. from all my time in school I do kinda feel like all my knowledge is super generalized. for example I am familiar with 7 programing languages but I do not feel fluent in any of them. I'm hopping to remedy that this year(thats what I said last year). I have learned a lot from school but at the same time I can see that until I sink my teeth into a project of my own or get a job where I get to be paid to sink my teeth into somebody else's project I will never get that knowledge and skill depth in any one area. I'm sorry it sounds like your experience with school thus far has been not that wonderful.
  2. In Topic: simple MVC problem maybe scope?

    Posted 3 Mar 2015

    thanks for the help. sorry I forgot to put up my css file to. I think I get the idea and yes the constructor thing is still really messing with my brain. as far as some of the other corrections are concerned I very much appreciate it. Now that I have this working its time to make a game!
  3. In Topic: Methods of storing data?

    Posted 2 Nov 2013

    you could even store it on a server somewhere.
  4. In Topic: printing a title bar

    Posted 6 Jun 2013

    thanks your right that is what was causing it.
    so I'm supposed to show which page is currently on by highlighting the current link. My problem is that all style must be in the style page.
    any sugestions how to style the right one without breaking up the bar?

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