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  1. In Topic: Does anyone else hate existing anti-virus software?

    Posted 16 May 2012

    View PostGunnerInc, on 15 May 2012 - 05:12 PM, said:

    bdemorrow, so when you write programs in Assembly the AV software doesn't like it? LMFAO!!! Welcome to my world. 2 simple things that can help:
    1. Add VERSIONINFO to your resource section.
    2. Add a MANIFEST to your resource section.

    Don't put data in the code section then try to write to it. Don't do anything "shifty". You have COMPLETE control over your code layout, move functions around, move your data and data? around.

    Will definitely give that a shot, thanks for the tips!
  2. In Topic: chat application to extern networks, how do you do that?

    Posted 16 May 2012

    You need a basic understanding of networking it sounds like.

    If you have a 'local chat server' listening on port 4223 for instance, it can accept connections from anyone on the internet, provided that they can indeed reach that computer on port 4223.
    Here in the US, most of us have routers with NAT enabled in front of our internal network.
    If you also have NAT enabled (you have an IP Address such as 192.X.X.X), then you need access to configure the router to forward port 4223 to the computer hosting the chat server.
  3. In Topic: Copying A Sql Database in Ms Sql

    Posted 16 May 2012

    Inside SQL Server Management Studio:
    Right click on your database, click on Tasks->Backup. Follow dialog to create a backup.

    Then restore the database to a new name and drop what you don't want everyone to have access to.
    Right click on Databases node in Object Explorer, click on Restore Database. Follow dialog to restore backup.

    Then make another backup of your modified database and restore it wherever you want.
  4. In Topic: Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

    Posted 15 May 2012

    I've used VirtualBox for this in the past: VirtualBox

    Give it a shot.
  5. In Topic: Error: Database is read-only

    Posted 15 May 2012

    The problem that you are experiencing is due to the fact that users do not have write permission to system folders.

    If the data you are storing is meant to be stored on a per-user basis, it should be installed in the users own folder (C:\Users\<username\...). If the data is meant to be shared among all of the users on the computer, it needs to be stored in a shared location that all users have access to.

    If you need to store it in a system folder (C:\Program Files\...), you will likely need to force all users to run it as Administrator. I haven't automatically done this with an installer before, but if you right click on a shortcut, go to

    Properties->Compatibility->Run this program as an administrator

    Hope that's more clear.

    Good luck.

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