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  1. In Topic: File Not Found Exception Error Question

    Posted 25 Apr 2014

    It's because you're printing a line each time your nested loop runs:
                for(col=0; col<square[row].length; col++)
                    System.out.println("  "+square[row][col]);

    Change that inner line to System.out.print("stuffgoeshere"); and then after the close brace of your innermost for loop, add a System.out.println();.
  2. In Topic: File Not Found Exception Error Question

    Posted 25 Apr 2014

    Your problem lies in this line:

    Because you're passing a primitive type (an int in your case), a copy is made of it so it can be modified in the function. This is passing by value and Java does this with all primitives.
    Take away the int size argument from getSize() and set size to the value returned by getSize(), like so:
    size = getSize();
  3. In Topic: convert string to byte array in c# is changing the value

    Posted 25 Apr 2014

    The reason you are getting this result is because:
    • In ASCII, the code 48 is equivalent to the character 0
    • In ASCII, the code 49 is equivalent to the character 1
    You aren't doing anything wrong in code.
  4. In Topic: Undo option in Jtable

    Posted 24 Apr 2014

    No, don't store the table. As I outlined in my previous post, I would implement a way to store the individual actions that you perform on your table/data.
  5. In Topic: I've just written a program to convert temperature. Need help!

    Posted 24 Apr 2014


    1st is why won't I get an output from my program when I run it?

    This is because you only call System.out.println() in the functions CToF and FToC, which you don't call in your code.


    2nd is how do I prompt for input using the Input class methods downloaded?

    I'm confused… you've got a Scanner declared in your code. Are you using that? Or aren't you?

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