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  1. In Topic: How do you avoid becoming lethargic and drowsy?

    Posted 9 Jul 2013

    sniff a hit of ammonia; it will make it feel like you got sucker punched in the nose. you'll probably be awake then.
    i like the butt sex suggestion too
  2. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 11 Jun 2013

    i made a word processor in VB to practice with MDI containers and child forms, etc. i hate VB. i think it's the lack of { and }
  3. In Topic: Spring - Summer 2013 Fitness

    Posted 11 Jun 2013

    View PostApokio, on 11 June 2013 - 02:35 PM, said:

    Last week i pulled my lower back doing inverted rows. I knew it when it happened because I felt the pain. I took it easy the rest of the week and yesterday the pain had been gone for a couple of days. So, i worked out last night and then shortly after I noticed some tension in my back and this morning when I woke up I could hardly move. I never had this problem before even when I was really out of shape. Now I am in much better shape and keep hurting my back. I must be using those lower back muscles somehow but I am pretty sure I am keeping good form. I have been reading about yoga to help with strengthning the core to prevent lower back problems. Anyone have any suggestions?

    i have recurring back pain that i train through. for me, it's actually super tight in my upper glute and it feels like it's my lower back until i investigated it. anyway, you should buy a lacrosse ball and look up how to use that to massage deep into the muscles that hurt (if you have a significant other or somebody willing, they can push their elbow into that spot as hard as possible in circular motions). massage, relaxation, pain pills and heat are pretty much all you need. my coach has even had me put that cream that gets hot on my back and wrap saran wrap around it over night to trap all the heat in. when you're lifting from now on, be sure to activate your core more to take pressure off your back. i'm sure your core is strong enough. the problem is probably that you aren't using it, tbh
  4. In Topic: Naughty Verizon

    Posted 5 Jun 2013

    verizon ripped me off with a $600 early cancellation fee. in.
  5. In Topic: Spring - Summer 2013 Fitness

    Posted 5 Jun 2013

    yeah yeah i know... i just have a beef with cardio. i was in the USMC and got pissed on for not being able to run 6 miles, yet these same mofos who berated me were the ones falling out in afghanistan on patrols. i'll bash cardio any chance i get just because i'm not good at it :)

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    I was with 3rd Tracks out of Pendleton, the MEU company. I went out with 2/1 on the 13th MEU in '05-06 and 2/4 on the 15th in '06-07.
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    Who were you with in the Corps?
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    hello :O
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