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  1. In Topic: Tech Question of the Day

    Posted 18 Jan 2013

    B9 i feel your pain.

    I once had a client call me asking for help. I started by asking what kind of computer he had (going for desktop or laptop because we wanted help connecting to his wireless router) With that question he put the phone down and came back around 10 minutes later and started to read off the dimensions of the computer, he took a measuring tape to his tower.

    After about 40 minutes later talking with this man it turns out he didn't own a router and thought Windows was the internet and it was provided through the government for anyone 50+, so he didn't have an ISP either. That happened almost a year ago and it still is in my head and just can't believe it.
  2. In Topic: Is my CPU/mobo overheating?

    Posted 18 Jan 2013

    Do what calvin said and run the computer what you would consider warm/hot to the point where you think it would/should be overheating, restart and check the bios. Honestly programs in your OS are nice, but truth be told, not nearly as reliable compaired to the bios temp guages.

    Also on a side note, unless your computers 20 years old, it should have a heat sensor that would shut down the system to prevent damage from overheating (or atleast have an annoying internal alarm.)
  3. In Topic: XNA 3d Animation

    Posted 20 Aug 2012

    View PostBBeck, on 19 August 2012 - 07:05 PM, said:

    As far as I know, the tutorial on App Hub is the place to learn this. And I just confirmed that they've got their links totally hosed up. So, the info just isn't out there anymore.
    I've noticed this myself, pain in the arse >.<

    View PostBBeck, on 19 August 2012 - 07:05 PM, said:

    Also, I don't think you can use the annimations in a .X file, at least not if it came from Blender. When I was looking in to annimation, I discovered that you can only read annimations out of a Blender .fbx file.

    Hmm thats good to know, does XNA load FBX files smoothly? Or do I need to write a script for that?
  4. In Topic: Will Ouya be Your next Gaming Console?

    Posted 5 Jul 2012

    Same goes with all projects I suppose but If someone took a bit of dedication and though, it could potentially be decent, but ya agreed I can see a lot of ports of tablet and phone apps going on this, which is bad. They are kinda shoving the whole billions of apps down our throats as is
  5. In Topic: FOURTH OF JULY

    Posted 4 Jul 2012

    Enjoy Today Those who are in the USA!

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