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  1. In Topic: Video Games Currently Working On

    Posted 17 Sep 2015

    It's the first game that's really captured my interest in a long time. I like that the sequel was a 17 GB update file, rather than a new disk or new game world - everyone shares the same universe, and you'll run into people who haven't bought either expansion or the new game, and can still do raids/story/whatever in teams with them, provided you're accessing content they've paid for. The first game was great, so they didn't reinvent the wheel - they just put on chrome rims and some good low-pros...
  2. In Topic: Video Games Currently Working On

    Posted 14 Sep 2015

    Anyone planning on losing chunks of their life to Destiny: The Taken King this week?
  3. In Topic: how to prevent duplicate nodes in treeview?

    Posted 11 Sep 2015

    There are two forum leaders asking you for your code - what level of expertise are you waiting for?
  4. In Topic: how to prevent duplicate nodes in treeview?

    Posted 10 Sep 2015

    The user interface is the users' portal into the application - it is not the actual application. The tree view is a way to interact with the contents of a collection - it should not be the collection. If a user is added, it should be added to the collection that the tree view is displaying - it should not be added to the tree view, because a tree view is just a neat little UI feature, not a piece of the real guts of the application. Does that make sense?

    You'll be hard pressed to get any code out of anyone here without showing some first. Are you using WinForms or WPF? Where are you setting the ItemsSource?
  5. In Topic: Populate ObservableCollection from SQL class and access from ViewModel

    Posted 2 Jun 2015

    What Skydiver is saying is that in your first code sample, you are creating an instance of Models.M_Demo_DataGrid (called DemoDataGridModel) on line 29, adding a record to its List_Demo_Grid_Data property on line 30, and then DemoDataGridModel is dying when the curly brace closes on line 31. Do you understand what that means? For each row in your SqlDataReader, you're creating a new instance of the M_Demo_DataGrid, adding a single record to it, and then letting the garbage collector come clean it up before you ever do anything with it. You would need to move line 29 outside the while loop that you're opening on line 21. That way, the call to DemoDataGridModel.List_Demo_Grid_Data.Add() is adding all of the records to the same instance of the class. But that still won't fix your issue, because that instance of the class will still die as soon as the method ends, without ever sharing its information.

    If you're going to call PopulateDemoDataGrid from within the view model class, and you want it to populate an instance of the M_Demo_DataGrid class that the view model can interact with, you can follow one of two approaches. Either you can change the method signature of PopulateDemoDataGrid to accept a reference to an instance of M_Demo_DataGrid as a second argument, and then call List_Demo_Grid_Data.Add() against that instance, or you can made make the PopulateDemoDataGrid method return an instance of the M_Demo_DataGrid class. Either way, you need to get the instance against which the SQL functions were executed into your view model so you can work with it.

    I have to ask... is this code that you copy/pasted but don't really understand?

    EDIT: spelling

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    totgeburt Icon

    22 Jul 2012 - 15:20
    i was with 1/2 based out of camp lejeune. that's crazy because my best friend in the corp had the last name of Hopkins. who were you with bro?
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    trevster344 Icon

    28 Feb 2012 - 07:56
    I admire your about me message, and totally agree. Although not very old myself, I've always shared the same understanding.
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