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  1. In Topic: I Can't Even Get Simple Android Applications To Work?

    Posted 30 Mar 2014

    I figured this out there was some internal error that I fixed by re-installing eclipse (who knows what was wrong but things are working fine now)
  2. In Topic: I Can't Create A Hover Action For A <UL> Since It's In

    Posted 24 Mar 2014

    View Postandrewsw, on 24 March 2014 - 01:58 AM, said:

    There is no :hover nor an inherit setting in that css so it does not reflect the problem you are describing. (Although I doubt that inherit does what you expect it to do.)

    Some HTML would help as well.

    css does not trigger anything so it would also help if you described the problem more clearly. What is it not doing that you want it to do?

    Sorry for not being more specific I'll admit I didn't do the best example there with code etc.. Okay so maybe this was a bad idea and I wasn't sure if I should post this in Javascript or CSS/HTML etc. since I'm not sure what I should do but essentially I'm trying to create my own VERY SIMPLE nav and in this particular case I can't use PHP or something as a base for the links it has to all be Javascript. So here is what I've thought of this far and I'll explain my problem.

    The main science of this is first of all the FIRST list item LI in the list is the main link that remains and that you hover over for the other LI to show. Here it goes

    the navbar JS
    var navLinks = {
       mainLinks: {"Info":"index.html", "Pix":"pix.html", "News":"news8.html", "Blogs":"energynet7.html", "Links":"links.html","SSEF":"ssef.html"}
    var subLinks = {
    	Info: {"Vision & Motivation":"details.html", "Site Map":"sitemap.html"},
    	Pix: {"Furnishings 1 photos":"pix/pixFurn1.html", "Furnishings 2 photos":"pix/pixFurn2.html", "Furnishings 3 photos":"pix/pixFurn3.html", "Solar Toy Movie":"movFurn.html",
    	     "John Deere photos":"pixJD.html", "Tractor Movie":"movJD.html", "Nature Photos":"pixNat.html", "Hummingbirds movie":"movNat.html", "Structure photos":"pix/pixStruct.html"},
    	News: {"2008":"news8.html", "2007":"news7.html", "2006":"news6.html", "2005":"news5.html", "2004":"news4.html", "2003":"news3.html", "2002":"news2.html"},
    	Blogs: {"EnergyNet":"energynet7.html", "2006":"energynet6.html", "MountainNet":"mountainnet.html"},
    function navBar()
    	this.mainlinks = navLinks.mainLinks;
    	this.sublinks = subLinks;
    	Object.defineProperty(this, "getSubLinks",{
    		set: function(link){
    			this.mainLinkName = link;
    		get: function() {
    			var subs = this.sublinks[this.mainLinkName];
    		    var content = "";
    		for (linkName in subs)
    			content += '<li class="sub">'+'<a href="'+subs[linkName]+'">'+linkName+"</a></li>";
    		  return content;
    	this.outputNav = function() {
    		for(linkName in this.mainlinks)
    			this.getSubLinks = linkName;
    			$('#nav').append('<ul> <li>'+'<a href="'+this.mainlinks[linkName]+'">'+linkName+"</a></li>" + this.getSubLinks + "</ul>");
    		$('#nav ul li').hover(function(e){
    		}, function(e) {

    The Styling sheet
    #nav ul
    #nav ul li
    #nav ul li:not(:first-child)
    #nav ul li:first-child
    #nav ul li:first-child a
    #nav ul li:not(:first-child) a

    example page
    		<link href="navstyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    		<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-2.1.0.js"></script>
    		<script type="text/javascript" src="navbar.js"></script>
    		<script type="text/javascript">
    				var nav = new navBar();
    		<div id="nav"></div>

    The very simple nav DOES WORK but what's happening as you can guess is when the li display is set to inherit it PUSHES the other top LI NAV BUTTONS over. I can set the li to position absolute but since they are taken out of document flow they all go on top of one and other so you can't see anything. This is the problem I'm having now anyway. What should I do friend?
  3. In Topic: Object Define Property In Javacsript Not Work In This Instance Why?

    Posted 16 Feb 2014

    View PostDormilich, on 16 February 2014 - 03:01 AM, said:


    Does not work at ALL. Why?

    because in the second case you have an Object literal. and the syntax of Object literals is different from normal code (a key followed by a colon followed by a JS expression, comma-separated between each key-value block)

    Oh that's right I forgot about that man I apologize. So can you still use access properties of get and set with this?
  4. In Topic: Is This Jquery/Javascript Code Efficient For A Sliding Effect?

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    Thanks for the help guys about objects. So what you guys are basically saying is there's nothing obviously wrong here? Is this how you would program something like this? How do you guys approach programming "problems"?

    Thanks guys you are awesome as always ++
  5. In Topic: I Still Don't Get This Entire Cloud Computing Thing With Google?

    Posted 9 Jan 2014

    Good solid points BetaWars. With the cheaper and cheaper prices of servers and what not I'm finding that I'm actually NOT using things like Google's "cloud" service for the obvious questions that you asked.

    I'm also confused still as to whether or not you could use PHP sessions in the cloud like that? The guy above you said "I'm sure they do". This raises even more questions for me though. For example if they do support sessions what about session hijacking? There are PHP directions you can use for making sure session use on cookies encryption

    and http only etc. To help make session much harder to hijack. Does the google cloud ALREADY DO THIS? I would assume they do but who knows? This all makes me skeptical of moving my site(s) there?

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