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  1. In Topic: addind comment box in lightbox

    Posted 7 Mar 2013

    I didn't see where you closed the Div. You need a </div> or /> with a space between the last code and />.

    Usually a </div> works the best.
  2. In Topic: my fancy-box does not work mean it does not open form it jst open imag

    Posted 7 Mar 2013

    I think your issues is the .fancybox. You need .fancybox() {. You included the squigglies within a function the way you did it .fancybox({ your code});

    Hope this helps.
  3. In Topic: Could this be a better way of learning programming?

    Posted 23 Aug 2012

    I think most people drop out cause they don't understand the basics. I dropped out back when cause the school didn't teach very well. Plus being older I needed to take Intro right before my first class. Instead I took intro, then a few other 101 classes then back to programming.

    Also schools should recap or make sure the students have a way to do a quick recap before going on to the next course if they take other courses in between. Especially if you take a semester/quarter off.
  4. In Topic: Boring Jobs

    Posted 23 Aug 2012

    My daughters degree is Writing, and Journalism. She went on an interview Last week, and another one today.

    She gets a copy writing job every now and than from eLance, Craigslist or other online ad sites.

    Okay, the guy with the Shuttle Bus Job.

    Not that's using your brain, and turning a negative into a positive. I do something similar, but make a whole lot more money. Not a shuttle bus driver, nor work at McDee's.
  5. In Topic: Boring Jobs

    Posted 21 Aug 2012

    My daughter had a job as a Lifeguard. Since she was certified the assistant did all the work. She would get to work, setup, open the pool and hope someone came to swim that day. Otherwise they just sat playing cards or read.

    Then she finished college and now sits all day looking for a job. For the last two years that's what she does.

    That's great isn't it? We spend all the money sending her to school, and now she's competing with people with Masters and PHd's for an entry level Journalism, copy writing, editing and similar type jobs.

    Okay, sorry, that's another topic.

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