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  1. In Topic: Insert only records that match in database

    Posted 25 Feb 2014

    OK Fingered it out

    Here is the solution.

    INSERT INTO Employee_VS_JOB_VS Qual(Employee_ID,[Qualification_ID])
    SELECT dbo.Employee.Employee_ID, dbo.Qualifications.Qualification_ID
    FROM dbo.Employee INNER JOIN dbo.Employee_vs_qualifications ON dbo.Employee.Employee_ID = dbo.Employee_vs_qualifications.Employee_ID INNER JOIN dbo.Qualification ON dbo.Employee_vs_qualifications.Qualification_ID = dbo.Qualification.Qualification_ID INNER JOIN "
     dbo.Jobprofile  ON dbo.Employee.Job_Prof_ID = dbo.Jobprofile.Job_Prof_ID INNER JOIN "
    dbo.Jobprofile_vs_Qualification ON dbo.Jobprofile.Job_Prof_ID = dbo.Jobprofile_vs_Qualification.Job_Prof_ID AND "
      dbo.Qualification.Qualification_ID = dbo.Jobprofile_vs_Qualification.Qualification_ID "
     WHERE (dbo.Employee.Employee_ID = 'Emp01') AND (dbo.Employee.Job_Prof_ID = 'JobProf01') 
  2. In Topic: Insert only records that match in database

    Posted 24 Feb 2014

    I am sorry but how will the query look like I tried it from all different aspects and my result is not what I want it to be.

    Maybe if you can break it up for me it will help.
  3. In Topic: Insert only records that match in database

    Posted 21 Feb 2014

    Good day

    Ok what I mean is the employee have qualifications against their name like here:

    1, Emp01, Qual01
    2, Emp01, Qual02
    3, Emp01, Qual03 

    Then the job Profile have Qualifications against it like here:

    1, JobProf01 , Qual01
    2, JobProf01 , Qual02
    3, JobProf01 , Qual04 

    Now the employee have a job Profile against his name like here:

    Emp01 , Rudi, JobProf01 

    Now what I want to do is compare qualifications against the employees entries to the enteries of the job Profile qualifications.

    As mention above the comparison must look like this:

    1, Emp01, Qual01
    2, Emp01, Qual02

    As this is the only enteries of the employee Qualification that match the enteries of the job Profile qualification.

    Hope I explained it correctly that you can understand.

    Kind regards
  4. In Topic: Building a list from a gridview and saving enteries

    Posted 10 Feb 2014

    Oky I have solved it here is the code :

      Dim dsData As New Data.DataSet
            Dim dsNData As New Data.DataSet
            Dim DRow, Nrow As Data.DataRow
            Dim strSQL, strNSQL, Emp_ID, Job_ID, Sup_ID, SchedName, EmpName As String
            Dim x, p, Emp_Rem_ID, Emp_Sched_ID As Integer
            Dim Sched_Act As Boolean = False
            Dim todaydate As String = Date.Now
            Dim thisyear As String = Date.Today.Year
            Dim list = New List(Of String)()
            For Each gvrow In GridView1.Rows
                Dim chk As CheckBox = DirectCast(gvrow.FindControl("chkAll"), CheckBox)
                If chk.Checked Then
                    Emp_ID = gvrow.Cells(0).Text
                    Job_ID = gvrow.cells(4).text
                    strNSQL = "Select * from lms_Rem where Employee_ID = '" & Emp_ID & "' AND Rem_Year = " & thisyear
                    dsNData = objServer.GetSData(strNSQL, "dsNData")
                    With dsNData.Tables("dsNData")
                        If .Rows.Count > 0 Then
                            Nrow = .Rows(0)
                            Emp_Rem_ID = Nrow("Rem_Perf_ID")
                            Nrow = .NewRow
                            Nrow("Employee_ID") = Emp_ID
                            Nrow("Job_Profile_ID") = Job_ID
                            Nrow("Rem_Status") = "Incomplete"
                            Nrow("Rem_date") = todaydate
                            Nrow("Rem_Year") = thisyear
                            objServer.SubSData(dsNData, strNSQL, "dsNData")
                            Emp_Rem_ID = objServer.GetNewRec("lms_Rem")
                        End If
                    End With
                End If
  5. In Topic: javascript not compatible in all browsers.

    Posted 12 Nov 2013

    Good day

    I seem to forget to told you that the pop up I am referring to is a form already created.

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