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  1. In Topic: Getting undefined errors

    Posted 24 Sep 2012

    No the book does not provide any header files for the vec_ptr it just gives me the original source code and the disassemble code for the source code other than that there isnt much else
  2. In Topic: Getting undefined errors

    Posted 24 Sep 2012

    no i did not know there was one for that let me research and find it and i will let you know how it works
  3. In Topic: Getting error with !

    Posted 17 Sep 2012

    awesome thanks again for all your help i have gotten the code to do what i was wanting it to do and i got it submitted. Thaks again for all of your help
  4. In Topic: Getting error with !

    Posted 15 Sep 2012

    thanks i am reading the tutorial now hopefully it helps. i added what you had on here and it built successfully but did not give any output when debugging. the command prompt just came up black and exited. but its cool im going through the tutorial tonight and tomorrow and hopefully it will help me build more onto this program to get the desired outcome.
  5. In Topic: Getting error with !

    Posted 15 Sep 2012

    i dont get what your saying i guess which re-enforces my thinking that im just in the wrong degree cus when it comes programming i do fine when trying to get a program to complete a task such as storing and retrieving information just not this binary stuff i just dont get it and im about to give up and switch degrees. I just dont see what computer systems and binary stuff deals with game development thanks for your explanations and trying to help me understand i just dont get what your trying to say and its due to my end not yours. and im not going to sit here and ask you to explain everything in detail so im lost and will stay that way i guess thanks again

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