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  1. In Topic: LWJGL - Drawing a quad until it hits a true value in a 2D array?

    Posted 14 Nov 2013

    Well it's likely if the above doesn't work, then the problem is specific to your application, and unless we can test what we say, we can't confirm if it will work either. If you can provide more code that would be incredibly useful, perhaps package it as a jar and attach it with source code included and I'll fiddle around with it.
  2. In Topic: Largest Row in two dimensional array

    Posted 12 Nov 2013

    In addition, check your bracing.

    largest = total;
    index=row; // This will always be executed.
  3. In Topic: Need positive criticism on this game prototype I have near completion.

    Posted 6 Nov 2013

    The ground tiles and wall tiles are very similar in color and texture, it is hard to tell between them. Perhaps change the wall textures to be more obvious.

    I find the multiple window system you have is rather annoying. It would likely be preferred if everything could be done in the one frame.

    When fighting an enemy, the FPS drops to ~3. You have a bug in your code there.

    There are many other changes you'd have to make if you wanted people to play it, but those are what I noticed first. It's incomplete, so it's not worth mentioning those.
  4. In Topic: Animation unable to start using mouse click

    Posted 6 Nov 2013

    It is very helpful to us if you post the errors you are getting. Having to copy peoples code and compile it takes unnecessary time and effort in most cases. 'Code is not working' is of no use, there are many, many, reasons, that your code could not be working.

    JFrame does not have a paintComponent() method. It only has paint() and paintComponents(). I'm not entirely familiar or comfortable with swing, but you could use the paint() method instead, though I have heard you should not override this.

    An alternative solution would be to subclass JPanel and override paintComponent() instead. You would then add the JPanel to a JFrame.

    A helpful hint, if you put @Override above any method signature, you will receive an error if that method does not override anything.

    Also, are you having problems with the movement of your rectangle? You didn't make it clear.
  5. In Topic: Reverse Integers

    Posted 5 Nov 2013

    View Postmk12345, on 06 November 2013 - 02:20 AM, said:

    use array of characters to take input of integers and StringBuffer to reverse that String.

    Such 'solutions' defeat the purpose of the exercise.

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