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  1. In Topic: Linux -- What do you look for in a distro?

    Posted 5 Oct 2014

    most of the time, i just use kubuntu because it works and is very modern while not ditching the traditional desktop experience. Ive dabbled in Arch but I want the computer to work for me, I dont want to work for it. I like a lot of what arch does, and the philosophy behind it, but I just dont have the time to be reading manuals and forum posts when something weird happens.

    the eye candy on KDE can be nice, but I too dont really have an attachment to it. What I really like about KDE is the ability to customize everything really quickly and easily.
  2. In Topic: Newbie On The Verge Of Calling It Quits 3 Semesters In :/

    Posted 7 Sep 2014

    you're an honor student but you dont know what a variable is? I imagine you took algebra, its the same concept, at least when you work with numbers.
  3. In Topic: is there any chance for vb6-phoneix?

    Posted 23 Apr 2014

    People still use VB6?

    I had to write software to convert VB6 to VB.NET and the translation tool that MS made had faults (or the vb6 code was so poorly written that it was impossible to automate) so I did it by hand. This was for the federal government, when the federal government decides that something is too archaic and moves on, I think people should take that as a sign lol.

    I actually learned to program in Visual Basic 3.0. I used every version from 3-6 and honestly, seems to be the way to go in my opinion.
  4. In Topic: Smart Phones

    Posted 16 Apr 2014

    Oh it definitely will be. The GNexus is just too laggy anymore :\
  5. In Topic: Smart Phones

    Posted 16 Apr 2014

    I currently have a Galaxy Nexus. I plan on getting the Nexus 5

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    04 Feb 2013 - 22:51
    Hello NecroWinter can you please get back to me.. I need help with some scheme programming?
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