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  1. In Topic: Why Agile?

    Posted 14 Feb 2015

    Yeah thats what I was trying to figure out whether or not my company is doing agile correctly or not.

    I need to emphasize this isnt about me, there are hundreds of teams in my company, and every team ive interacted with has the same issues. Every person has mentioned similar issues as I have here, its just theyre less annoyed with it or theyre just used to it.
  2. In Topic: Why Agile?

    Posted 14 Feb 2015

    View Postastonecipher, on 14 February 2015 - 09:59 AM, said:

    2 weeks is a small sprint. The other issue I see is, QA should not be dictating requirements, only testing that the code does meet them.

    A change in requirement should not mean a complete overhaul of code base either.

    You might want to grab a book on software development the agile way and see if you may steer them back on track, or at least so you can educate you and your team on proper strategies.

    I think the only reason QA is dictating requirements is because we're going through a phase where we're replacing a big chunk of some older code, and theyre throwing in some stuff that is either neglected in the original design discussion/document or is something that people wanted added in the first place.

    the most common form of miscommunication is finding out that our interface agreement should handle something like an array of items instead of just one, but we often find that out a day or two before its completed. I dont know if this is related to agile though, as every team ive talked to is always scrambling to get things done.
  3. In Topic: Why Agile?

    Posted 14 Feb 2015

    The thing is, if agile works and isnt about disorganization then Im not convinced the leaders on my team understand it well enough to do what they need to do to make it work from their perspective.

    if agile is something different than what Im being told to do, then I feel like I would need to do everything my own way, which on a development team would be bad without agreement.

    Im torn, and thats why I came here. Im trying to figure out if agile is really what im experiencing or if they simply dont get it.
  4. In Topic: Why Agile?

    Posted 14 Feb 2015

    the thing about my company is that we get sent to so many seminars, and have so many meetings that it all kind of gets lost. The company is constantly biting off more than it can chew.

    In my experience, Agile mostly means theres sprints (in my case, 2 week sprints) where in the first week we do mostly design, then in the second week we do development. Basically calling shenanigans on the original design document, and allowing the developer to update it. Qa can also come in and tell us to make a change, and the problem is that it can really fly in the face of the code base thats already there, this results in the entire team constantly scrambling to get things to match whatever the requirements are that day and when you have to maintain the code its genuinely bad code that was written to get in done before the end of the week, not to be of decent quality.

    View Postastonecipher, on 14 February 2015 - 09:44 AM, said:

    It may be a buzzword for your company, but it sounds like you don't understand it either. Agile is preferable to most over waterfall. It acknowledges and allows for changes and gives deliverables at known intervals. I don't know what industry you are in, but change in requirements is a big issue in most. That is where agile is most intuitive.

    Of course I dont understand it, why else would I make a post like this? Im trying to see if its Agile thats the problem or the way my company is doing it.


    When I say calling shenanigans on the original design document, I only mean that in the case where a design document is done. Which doesnt always happen.
  5. In Topic: Linux -- What do you look for in a distro?

    Posted 5 Oct 2014

    most of the time, i just use kubuntu because it works and is very modern while not ditching the traditional desktop experience. Ive dabbled in Arch but I want the computer to work for me, I dont want to work for it. I like a lot of what arch does, and the philosophy behind it, but I just dont have the time to be reading manuals and forum posts when something weird happens.

    the eye candy on KDE can be nice, but I too dont really have an attachment to it. What I really like about KDE is the ability to customize everything really quickly and easily.

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