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  1. In Topic: best way to create a heap out of unsorted array

    Posted 5 Oct 2012

    figured it out, lock pl0x
  2. In Topic: best way to create a heap out of unsorted array

    Posted 4 Oct 2012

    maybe someone would be kind enough to provide an algorithm/pseudocode on the correct way of turning an unsorted array into a heap? please? :) i don't understand where i have gone wrong...
  3. In Topic: best way to create a heap out of unsorted array

    Posted 4 Oct 2012

    View Postatraub, on 04 October 2012 - 07:44 AM, said:


    anyone care to provide a working implementation so i can see which assumption used in my approach is wrong?
    Nope! That's probably not going to happen.

    Let's instead try to fix your code. What is the output you're getting, what is the output you should be getting?

    Nothing is changed for an array with an odd number of items for example . I should be getting a heap where the first item is smaller than the next two items, etc.
  4. In Topic: Importing modules from different folders

    Posted 16 Jul 2012

    First of all, thanks for your reply. Ok, so I tried your solution. I have renamed the modules to correct names. Now, inside I am trying to run a couple of functions inside and as:

    import folder2.two
    a = func1('someparam') #func1 is a function inside
    b = func2('someotherparam') #func2 is a function inside

    the ff error appears (it stops at line 4 in the code above)

    NameError: name 'func1' is not defined

    The same error appears even if I try:

    import folder2.two
    a = one.func1('someparam') #func1 is a function inside
    b = two.func2('someotherparam') #func2 is a function inside

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