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  1. In Topic: Movie Manager, thoughts

    Posted 28 Mar 2015

    Which library did you use for the embedded VLC player? I'm currently developing a project which is in need of a good .NET video player library that can RTSP streams. VLC doesn't have a really definitive .NET wrapper library (I'm contributing to one, but I honestly don't think it's something I'd include in production code).
  2. In Topic: What is ~ for?

    Posted 30 Sep 2014

    Just for clarity, every class has a destructor, even if you don't write one, ~ denotes an explicit destructor which you write.
  3. In Topic: Color.FromArgb Question - Very basic, I'm new

    Posted 26 Sep 2014

    Also, another thing that most books don't teach (unfortunately) is how to find out something you're not sure about. Posting on the forums is considered an absolute last resort, because most of the questions have already been asked or there's documentation on the problem you're experiencing. Just performing a good google search can yield great results.

    Here's a good read on Google-Fu: Getting What You Need By Doing A Decent Search Of The Internet

    About specific question concerning .NET, since it has an abundance of documentation on it, and it's done really well, you can consult MSDN.

    Just search for Color.FromArgb and it'll return you with the page describing the parameters that that method accepts along with other useful info: Color.FromArgb()
  4. In Topic: Streaming videos from peerflix to an application

    Posted 25 Sep 2014

    I didn't specify which one exactly I'm looking for, because, well, any will do. Everything is preferred over Silverlight, but really even a Silverlight control will give me what I want.

    I've found that even the Windows Media Player COM component can play a video that's a web server response, but the problem appears when you try to play from a certain point (like from the middle of the file). I know the server is serving the video correctly because when I open up the server in a browser the HTML5 player is able to start from the middle, or any other point in the video file, but I just can't make the WMP play it from a specific point. Maybe I need to serve the file a bit differently so WMP can parse it.

    A side-note: I can alter the server also, don't know if it makes much difference in this case though.

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    Zdravo Matija :)
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    19 Dec 2011 - 13:45
    Thanks for the compliment! :D
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    16 Dec 2011 - 07:56
    I'm kinda impressed by your attitude and savvy for such a young lad! You do you're age group proud :)
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