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  1. In Topic: Sad news about Project Euler

    Posted 3 Jul 2014

    Oh this is sad news indeed! I haven't had time to do any problems lately, but I'm 25 in so far and I planned on making some more headway. Fingers crossed. Can't these hackers go hack some shit pop culture website, instead of something awesome and humble like Project Euler. >.>
  2. In Topic: Java Programmer Roll Call

    Posted 30 Jun 2014

    I'm a year into my first programming job working mostly with back-end Java EE and JPA database stuff. It's heavy going but I'm getting there. I do some front-end work too but not so much.

    I'm learning how to Spring and making some web applications in my spare time.
  3. In Topic: How to program blog?

    Posted 24 Jun 2014

    There's free course @ Udacity that will teach how to make a blog like you have described. It's taught by the guy who founded Reddit and he uses Python running on Google App Engine. Even the first two modules will get you a lot of the way there.

    Web Application Engineering
  4. In Topic: Features for Updating Content on a Website?

    Posted 23 Jun 2014

    I'm making an editor for my own website at the moment and was asking myself the same questions.

    I've decided on a less-is-more approach, I have a couple of page templates with say, an image or two, some textual content with basic css styling and a html resource of some kind (iframe, object, or just some moderately complicated html). This keeps my pages adhering to a common theme and gives me enough flexibility to add rich content.

    There's a fair bit of work in creating a CMS, but you can trim the fat if you can keep the scope small. It all depends on what the user wants.
  5. In Topic: Having trouble learning how to use code libraries

    Posted 13 Jun 2014

    Making a GUI requires a lot of structural 'boilerplate' code, so it's quite a big step from writing small console applications where you only need to use a small subset of the Java APIs.

    I think everyone ends up learning by doing. If you have some GUI tutorials just work through them, even if you don't fully understand what you're doing. Get something small up and running, and then spend some time learning about the things that you've used. Once you know a few JComponents, and one of the Layouts, experiment a bit more, you will figure stuff out soon enough.

    Another API you should learn is Collections. You'll want to start using them soon. Collections is a bunch of data structures you can use to making storing 'collection' of 'things' easier, sometimes you might want a list of things, sometimes you want a map that relates things to other things. Sometimes you want a set to enforce uniqueness.

    As for how to learn them - bookmark the Oracale Java Docs, search for what you want, read about what the methods to, what parameters they take, what they return. The documentation is usually quite terse, but you'll get used to it, we all do :P

    It's a big thing, Java, but you'll get there, just take one step at a time. Use a lot of Google, ask specific questions in the Java forum.

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