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  1. In Topic: HashMap storing inside HashMap

    Posted 28 Mar 2014

    The inner HashMap is stored by reference, so if you clear your other reference to it, it's cleared in the main HashMap too. You are trying to re-use the same HashMap, but you can't do this. You should create a new HashMap for each element, just put your xmlKeysAndValues instantiation inside the while loop so it gets called each time.

    while(s.hasNext()) {
      HashMap<String, String> xmlKeysAndValues = new HashMap<>();
  2. In Topic: checking if input is a valid phone number

    Posted 27 Mar 2014

    If you want to match the bracket I think you need:

    "\(\\d{3}\) \\d{3} - \\d{4}"

    The extra \ before the ( and ) are to escape the bracket characters. And you could match the leading bracketed prefix optionally with

    "(\(\\d{3} \))+\\d{3}[ ]+-[ ]+\\d{4}"

    Which is, an opening bracket followed by 3 digits followed by an closing bracket and a space, 0 or 1 times (the + character is 0 or 1 times and we are applying it to our regex in unescaped brackets), followed by 3 digits, an optional space, a hyphen, another optional space, and 4 digits.

    I *think* that's correct. :P/>
  3. In Topic: What software to use for Database Design?

    Posted 27 Mar 2014

    I don't fully grasp your concept, but your choice of software is very dependent on how you want to deploy this program (across multiple operating systems).

    If you are looking to create a database application that is accessible by a web service end point from applications running on various operating systems, you could accomplish that with C# for the database program, and your choice of database (and I would go with MySQL or PostgreSQL personally, but Access is probably fine).

    As for the clients on WP, iOS and Android, those apps will either need to be coded for each operating system (i.e. C# for WP, Objective C for iOS and Java for Android), or you could make a web (HTML, Javascript) front end and each phone could just load the web page and interact that way (easier option).

    It's not trivial, but it's doable.
  4. In Topic: Beginner looking for error help

    Posted 27 Mar 2014

    Your distance function took a double as a parameter but you were passing it a Point, so it was well confused!
  5. In Topic: I got this error---> " sObject type 'Invoice__c' is no

    Posted 27 Mar 2014

    What's your error? It's truncated in your title. Also post your code in [ code ] tags so it gets indented and we can read it more easily.

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