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Nayana's Blog > Brainfuck

Posted 26 February 2008

Oh, btw, this post contains the word 'fuck' please do not read it, or the title, or even this line, unless you are of legal age in your country to view the word 'fuck'. Thank you.

OK, well I vaguely heard about brainfuck a few years ago, but I never really looked into. However, when RodgerB posted in his blog that he was looking...

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Nayana's Blog > Hurting Oneself

Posted 26 February 2008

This morning I was having a dream. In this dream, I found out that my brother had slept with me ex-girlfriend (the chances of this happening in real life are nil). Anyway, I went into a rage and started punching him like crazy.

Then I woke up.

My hand was munted, and there was blood all over the wall.

Oh well, at least I can still type!

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Nayana's Blog > Credit Card Failure & Snow

Posted 28 January 2008

Well, the other day (Sunday night) I went drinking, at this bar on something road. I still don't remember the street names around here. Anyway, I racked up a bill of about $250 or so, not too much, but when I went to pay it, hahaha *DECLINED*.

Now I wasn't really worried, that's not the first time in my life that I'd reached...

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Nayana's Blog > New Year

Posted 09 January 2008

Well it's the New Year, and I must have pissed someone off because the only people that are showing up at work are me and the secretary...

Actually the boss and technical manager have headed of down to some place in the whop-whops a nice 2 hour drive from Guangzhou over either badly paved or unpaved roads. Assuming there actually is a...

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Nayana's Blog > First Post

Posted 23 December 2007

OK, this is my first post in my Dream.In.Code blog....

There's nothing much happening today, just another slow day at work. Oh, and it's Christmas Eve.

I'm working in Shanghai, China, and normally at this time of year, I would be at home with the extended family, maybe slaughtering a pig, sheep or two for Christmas. Or maybe down at...

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