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  1. In Topic: Creating an array from an imported .txt file

    Posted 1 Jul 2013

    You may want to look into the Scanner API a little bit. There are some methods such as .next(); and .nextLine(); which may make your life much easier.
  2. In Topic: Brief Swing Question

    Posted 4 Nov 2012

    I certainly don't want to set scope of the buttons to public, but I'm afraid I don't understand the alternative which you expressed. Do you think you could be more specific? I don't know what method you would use on a JPanel to provide access to the buttons (especially because the number of buttons on the panel is dynamic).
  3. In Topic: Swing JButton Event Handler

    Posted 27 Oct 2012

    After some more research, I found

    Is this an advisable solution, or can you think of an easier/better/simpler way that I should be testing the buttons?
  4. In Topic: Swing JButton Event Handler

    Posted 27 Oct 2012

    I can understand the elseif and the array of buttons, however I'm still not quite sure exactly what method I would use to find out which button was pressed. Is the a certain .method() that I can use to test if a button is pressed?

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