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  1. In Topic: Text and icons not staying fixed

    Posted 12 Sep 2013


    First off, all the links within that <ul> tag should be contained within list item tags (<li></li>).

    Secondly, you never defined what to do with the img tags in the css.

    In the css, you may want to add something along the lines of:

    li {
        width: 50%; /* Put some percentage here */
    li a img {
        width: 100%;

    If you want the images to scale, you have to give them a width of 100% so that they automatically expand to fit the container which they are in. You have a set width on the <a> tag that the images are contained in, so they will never expand beyond 60px with your current code.

    I put the percentage on the <li> tag so that the <li> tag will expand with the page. You may want to read this tutorial to learn more about fluid layouts, which is what I'm assuming you're attempting to do.

    You also have an extra bracket before the closing "<ul>" tag, and I'm a bit confused as to what the "<text>" tag is; I'm quite sure it doesn't exist. Rather, contain text within the "<p>" tags (paragraph tags).

    You should consult the W3Schools website to learn more on HTML and CSS; it's a pretty good introduction to the two.

    Good luck!
  2. In Topic: Portfolio

    Posted 18 Jun 2013

    I optimized the images. Forgot to do so before I uploaded it :X

    What two menus are you referring to?
  3. In Topic: Portfolio

    Posted 18 Jun 2013

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm working on the mobile integration now; I'll try and have it implemented by the end of the week.

    As for the load time, I'm looking to switch to another host. Go Daddy is awful :dontgetit:

    I'm also working on having the content automatically resize to fit the user's resolution; as for now I'm working mostly with the jQuery effects and the overall layout.

    Like I said, I should have the home page completed by the end of the week (or maybe next week).

    I would appreciate any comments or feedback along the road; I still have much to do before it's actually complete :)

  4. In Topic: How to make dynamically appearing forms

    Posted 12 May 2013

    You could use jQuery to add the form to the page. Like when the user changes the dropbox value and presses a button to generate the form, then create a string that will be used for the form's html and set a div's content to that string. Something like this:

    $('#create_form').click(function() {
    	var dropBoxValue = parseInt($('#dropbox_select').val());
    	var form_html = "<form action='submit.php' method='post'>";
    	for(var i = 1; i < dropBoxValue; ++i) {
    		form_html += "<u><b>Car"+i+" details:</b></u><br>";
    		form_html += "<textarea rows='5' cols='20' name='car"+i+" wrap='physical'></textarea><br>";
    	form_html += "<input type='submit' name='submit id='submit' value='Submit' />";
    	form_html += "</form>";

    Of course, you would have to include the jQuery library in your page as well.
  5. In Topic: PHP and Frameworks.

    Posted 12 May 2013

    Like creativecoding said, I use my own "framework", if you will.

    I'm against frameworks myself because I feel they allow too much leniency and room for laziness, and with PHP, that's an extremely bad thing.

    I'm not saying frameworks are bad or that they're not useful, but I simply prefer to code everything myself; it keeps me on top of my syntax and programming and especially comes in handy when I don't have access to a framework and I need to code something from scratch; I would hate to forget something trivial due to depending on a framework all the time. I say that because I've forgotten how to code simple tasks in other languages due to dependency on frameworks, and that really stunts productivity. Maybe that's just me though :\

    That's just my two cents.


    Sorry, I forgot to answer the second part of your question.

    Frameworks have come in handy for me at times; such as when I used a framework to send emails with attachments because I had a tight deadline and I needed something quick and easy.

    Frameworks are very useful, but as I said, they tend to make the programming a bit more lazy, in my opinion.

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