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  1. In Topic: What laptop to get ?

    Posted 4 Jan 2013

    View PostTyler Ltd, on 04 January 2013 - 04:09 AM, said:

    Yeah the HP laptop is a good machine, but the company is going down, which means if you have problems the customer support with slowly start going good. I mean from what I have seen/heard from some PC Gurus around my city, they said to not get my HP Laptop fixed because it would just be a waste. I mean of course they could be wrong, but I haven't done much research, I should be doing more research before I give out advice, but I am pretty confident from what I have heard.

    You should have done your research, HP isn't going out of business they are just going to stop producing units that don't make them money. So if you go for some obscure PC no one really buys (good luck finding one in a mass market situation) hp is still a good choice.
  2. In Topic: Another bad (advertisement?) URL

    Posted 4 Jan 2013

    7:41 Central time, Jan 04, 2013.

    Site was reported by firefox and google as malware infected doesn't render correctly.
  3. In Topic: Taking public information too far?

    Posted 28 Dec 2012

    View Postfarrell2k, on 28 December 2012 - 01:26 AM, said:

    I avoid shaking hands with people during flu season. You can only get the flu when exposed to it...

    This shows me your thought process. You feel only direct contact with someone could harm you. Did you know you are more likely to get the flu from a door handle than shaking hands with someone? Wherever you learned that you reduce your risk to exposure by "avoiding" things works, I think you need to go back and actually sit down and count the number of times you've ever been in a public space. or hell sitting at home. Your neighbors might have guns, oh and that day you are sitting at your chair by the window and they are cleaning their gun in their house and it goes off shoots through the window and the bullet is now lodged in your skull, you avoided it therefor it can't happen right?

    No I'm not saying that by choosing not to go over to peoples houses or be around people that choose to own a firearm doesn't reduce the risk, but I think that the reduction in risk is negligible, I've yet to be proven otherwise.

    The only issue with guns is how the media and quite a few brainless zombies target them as the source of the issue. Hell no it couldn't be because of the person behind the gun. And hell no they couldn't manufacture an explosive to kill more people.

    C'mon really, how hard is to understand that guns aren't the issue its the morons who don't respect them.
  4. In Topic: Taking public information too far?

    Posted 27 Dec 2012

    Honestly, if my children were around guns, I could care less as long as they are locked in a gun safe, and the ammo is stored in a separate also locked gun safe. I don't own any guns, but I am looking at getting a small pistol for range firing. If people are that afraid that a gun around their kids is going to cause issues they need to look at the public transportation systems, the shopping centers and other places frequently traversed by parents and their kids. You are more likely to get stabbed or assulted with fist (just as deadly and harder to track down than a firearm) than you are to get shot. Tell me which court case said that news organizations are allowed to lie?

    Not to mention if the fact checking media source published their findings it would still help becaue they are under the "Free Speech" Umbrella. I can't think of a single Supreme court case where the issue of lying under free speech has been allowed.
  5. In Topic: Taking public information too far?

    Posted 27 Dec 2012

    Or hell someone start a company that does fact checks on newspaper articles, similar to the presidential debates. Granted it would scale really well, there are a lot of news organizations across the nation. In the case of my area, the newspaper found out that they were creating a bill to keep them from publicly announcing who owned guns and put that information out before they could be stopped (it was a big fuck you to the local government, not so much a public awareness piece). I agree the information should be readily available but not actively published to any yahoo with a media badge.

    It just shows how media organizations are in control of way too much power and aren't subject to the same scrutiny as everyone else. The onion shows that to me, though I know its meant to be humor, they have shown how a "news" outlet can use just a few facts but pile on a ton of BS without any consequences.

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