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  1. In Topic: I Had A Security Problem-PHP/MYSQL On My Site How Can I Prevent This?

    Posted 8 Oct 2012

    Your original problem didn't have to do with not using prepared statements, though. Just bad model design.
    DELETE FROM `table` WHERE `ID`='$id' && `user_ID`='$uid'
  2. In Topic: Similar to HTMLAgilityPack for CSS?

    Posted 29 Aug 2012

    View PostSkydiver, on 29 August 2012 - 01:42 PM, said:

    Use the @ string prefix to make things a little bit more readable. Also use a more descriptive variable name.
    string urlPattern = @"url\(\'?(.*[^\'])\'?\)";

    A quick note about converting everything to lowercase: don't. Just use the option in regular expressions to ignore case. That way you won't have to deal with:
    - incorrect conversion of a URL that is supposed to be mixed case.
    - the Turkish-I problem in case there is a Turkish I is the HTML that stored raw rather than encoded.
    - the overhead of now having 2 copies of your HTML in memory.

    Thanks for the tips. I was using the IgnoreCase option when I had the Regex and Match split into two parts before I discovered MatchCollections and put them together on the same line. I thought that maybe it'd give me issues and I was at the point of just finding the minimum viable solution to put me on the right path.

    I was also wondering why the escaping in a string had to be doubled up, but now I know it's not taken as verbatim literal until the @ is applied. Valuable information.

    I'm also doing some reading up on my regular expressions (I can't count how many times I've been through this)... because that .* wild card isn't very secure at all.
  3. In Topic: Similar to HTMLAgilityPack for CSS?

    Posted 29 Aug 2012

    I've been fighting this for a while and have finally found a plausible solution. I wanted to share it so that if anyone searches for the same they'll have somewhere to start.

    I know there are many flaws with my REGEX, however it gets the job done right now. A big thing I want to point out that had me hung up for a long time is MatchCollection. I was just using Match and was looking for a problem in my regex for not matching recursively, and MatchCollection is what did the trick.

            public List<string> listStyleImages()
                List<string> lstStyleImages = new List<string>();
                string theHTML = this.strHTML.ToLower();
                string re2 = "url\\(\\'?(.*[^\\'])\\'?\\)";
                MatchCollection matches = Regex.Matches(theHTML, re2);
                foreach (Match match in matches)
                return lstStyleImages;

    I am very open to suggestions on improving this tidbit.
  4. In Topic: Similar to HTMLAgilityPack for CSS?

    Posted 23 Aug 2012

    I got a notification of a reply, where'd it go!?
  5. In Topic: Show hidden form1 with code in form2

    Posted 11 May 2012

    Are you using WPF or Windows Forms?

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