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  1. In Topic: XAMPP Error 403 and Error 20024

    Posted 24 Oct 2012

    View Postno2pencil, on 24 October 2012 - 11:48 AM, said:

    403 forbidden doesn't sound like it's not found. Assuming this is a Linux machine, when you copied the files did you copy them as root? Does the user that the web service runs under have the correct permissions to enter the directory?

    When you say as root? do you mean the root user? I was given a login that they use which was admin and then some password. I downloaded the files straight out of their httpdocs folder.

    I will check on the permissions for the login I was given. Although I believe they have all the needed permissions.
  2. In Topic: Website for Web graphics/backgrounds/buttons etc?

    Posted 23 Jul 2012

    I found what I was looking for. Figured I would update this post for everyone in case they have the same sort of question. I found a site called It costs money but they have some quality stuff for pretty good prices($2 or $3)for most of them.

    - Stew
  3. In Topic: Hide Image on upload until Javascript decides to show it

    Posted 19 Jul 2012

    That makes a lot of sense. It's working pretty well now. Thanks so much! You saved a computer today.
  4. In Topic: Hide Image on upload until Javascript decides to show it

    Posted 19 Jul 2012

    Figured out the visibility thing. Now i just can't get it to show up after it loads using jQuery.
  5. In Topic: Website for Web graphics/backgrounds/buttons etc?

    Posted 21 Jun 2012

    Gee thanks so much. I didn't know those existed. They sound like great tool, I guess it was silly of me to ask if any professional designers had some go to websites. But I guess they all are so smart and use those fancy search engines. Your so smart and wow you post a lot that means your so helpful!

    Actually maybe you should try and act less condescending and realize that maybe I did do some searching and figured you "experts" would have some legit advice and maybe some common decency to want to help people. Turns out nope! You just call out people. Thanks for nothing!!!

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