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  1. In Topic: Line off experience - Starting C++

    Posted 6 Oct 2013

    Well from what i have read mostly, People advice away from it, because off, It is so driven by programming, that every little aspect need to be programmed and because of that It's a lot of trial and errors, which could be avoided within other languages for beginners.

    but in total there is many different reasons for both sides of the case really so yeah.
  2. In Topic: Youtube series for C ?

    Posted 12 Sep 2012

    Funny how you mention this in your blog. Sorry if i got you upset somehow. And i think we misunderstand eachother. I have seen some of the content of the videos. But they are long and there is a lot off information given there which i see no use in. So i wa asking if these series somehow is more supirior then the other series by freelancers around on youtube.
  3. In Topic: Youtube series for C ?

    Posted 12 Sep 2012

    So i had a topic back some time where i asked for a series on youtube from a university. And i found one. But I'm not 100% if i want to continue with it. Because of the length of every video. It'll be alright if the information shown is good and useful. And not just rubbish really.

    Here is the overview of the series: http://www.youtube.c...B940F08B9773B9F

    It teaches 'C'. And seem's to teach about Memory editing and location. And some what games.

    Here is the little header text of this series written by the course leader Richard Buckland over at UNSW:


    This is the introductory course for computer science at UNSW. This course consists of three strands: programming, systems, and general computer-science literacy. The programming strand is further divided into two parts. For the first half of the course we cover small scale programming, in the second half we look at how to effectively use teams to produce more substantial software. In the systems strand we will look at how computers work. Concentrating on microprocessors, memory, and machine code. In the literacy strand we will look at topics drawn from: computing history, algorithms, WWW programming, ethics and law, cryptography and security, and other topics of general interest. The strands will be covered in an intermingled fashion. The following course, "CS2: Data Structures and Algorithms", will be recorded and posted in semester 2 of 2009.

    Then name of the course is : CS1: Higher Computing - Richard Buckland UNSW

    Is this useful to watch ? Or only useful when you are like at the place in his clas ? This question may be stupid lol, But I'm been thinking about this for day's without really getting an conclusion.

    Anything on this would be helpful!

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. In Topic: How to limit user input

    Posted 11 Sep 2012

    Just create a If variable. Where if the input is longer then the first input. Print Error. Then return to the top of the program or something. Look at some control flow. :)
  5. In Topic: Youtube series for C ?

    Posted 10 Sep 2012

    View Postjon.kiparsky, on 10 September 2012 - 11:10 AM, said:

    Oops, looks like they might not have filmed that one. Sorry.

    Damn. Maybe I'll take a look at that python course and see if i can learn anything worth while from that.

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