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  1. In Topic: Android Development

    Posted 19 Jul 2012

    Yeah I know where your all coming from.

    I suppose the reason I love Intellisense, is because coming from C# XNA and .NET, they are so many pre built classes and, for me, having simple and easy access to the method parameters, summaries, and names was essential.

    I hope you can see it from that aspect, and I haven't written it to come across very differently.

    So it's not the fact that I can't develop without Intellisense, it's more the fact of practicality.

    I don't really want a continue this if it's going in the current direction. But at the moment, I have the option of developing in the IDE I want, with a language that can easily (well I soon find out), be used across multiple platforms.

  2. In Topic: Android Development

    Posted 13 Jul 2012

  3. In Topic: Android Development

    Posted 13 Jul 2012

    OHH MY GOD, Eclipse is giving me the shits!

    I want VS back.

    Are we all sure the NDK is out of the question.
    I've tried Eclipse, and it just isn't comparable to a 12k piece of software for me. (Even if VS is way over priced ;)).

    In C# I could write like 3 lines of code a second, because Intellisense was just awesome. It just was for me.

    With Eclipse I constantly am having to delete things, because Auto-Complete is wrong, it is indeed an abomination.

    There is a well documented blog here about porting an C/C++ Game to Android, and that was 2 years ago, surely the NDK is better now? please.

    I know your all probably going to say, Android is Java, the NDK is crap or something, but what about when my game is successful ;), and I want to port it to iPhone. That uses C/C++.

    I also know I said my goal was to develop for Android, so that may have been misleading, but it's true, I want to get onto Google Play, simply because it's meant to be so 'easy to use'.

    From the blog I provided, he goes on about how all the logic is written in C++ and just the Apple stuff in C, well isn't the whole point of the NDK so you can keep all the C++ main logic, and just write a 'front-end' in Java.

    So what about that approach, write my games in C++ Open GL and then I can port to iPhone and Android "easily" Maybe?


    I know I seemed to have been fine with Eclipse and just give it some time, but I honestly couldn't sleep last night at all. I couldn't stop thinking about this.
  4. In Topic: Android Development

    Posted 12 Jul 2012

    Awesome guys, I installed this for Eclipse, so now I can easily change my Colour Theme which is great.

    I'm sure Eclipse is just going to take some getting used to, because I feel the same as gabehabe in the fist part of his tutorial, recommended by H3R3T1C. Thanks.

    So I have probably one final question. As I said I'm moving form C# XNA to Java Android. How far back should I be going in tutorials? Like right back to Console, or start with OpenGL, or straight off with Android Development?

    And, should I still learn about all the Android xml stuff, even if I'm not really going to be creating UI's? I'm only here for Games :) But I don't want to miss out on important stuff.

    Thanks very much once again,
  5. In Topic: Android Development

    Posted 12 Jul 2012

    Okay, thanks,

    I'm already following all Google's Developer Tutorials, so I have the Eclipse Plugin for Android.

    I have another question about Workspaces though, that I've come across creating a new application.

    When I make a new project, you get the option to put it in a Workspace or not.
    Taking what you've said about workspaces, does this mean when creating the 'hello world' app, I shouldn't put it in a Workspace because it isn't going to be referencing libraries and what not.

    And another thing,
    VS has autoComplete or IntelliSense, that was just perfect. Does Eclipse not have it. I hoping there is a plug-in for it, because I like to be able to type something and it show me all the options for what I can do. I find especially when learning, without it, you may find yourself creating methods that already exist and are far more efficient, but you didn't even know they were there.

    Thanks again,

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