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  1. In Topic: Type of combat preferred in a game

    Posted 11 Oct 2012

    No rpg players in here yet? sadface.

    It depends on my mood really, (since i've been playing lots of skyrim lately) i tend to go for a mix stealth/melee. i'll start off sneaking and picking off the first couple enemies, and once i'm sighted go full on attack. though i also like playing around with magery and full stealth.

    in MMOs it really depends on the battle system. some will have me lean more towards a rogue archetype, but others i'll be more comfortable with a mage. I'm a major FF mmo player, played FFXI for 7 years, and currently playing FFXIV, and i usually start off with healing, because it's easy and a good way to learn other jobs' roles in events, and then i move on to mage/DD/support, I've never really played tank though.
  2. In Topic: how long did it take for programming to click& how did you get int

    Posted 11 Oct 2012

    View Postraghav.naganathan, on 11 October 2012 - 04:52 AM, said:

    Well,its probably is not about the 'click' but the effort put into learning a language.The more the effort that is put in learning a language, the more proficient a person becomes. :)

    Here is a simple code for learning programming. :)

    while(knowledge!= 100 percent)
    cout<<"keep Learning";


    nice infinite loop :P
  3. In Topic: School of my dreams

    Posted 9 Oct 2012

    I don't think it would hinder it, in fact it would probably help it would be my guess. I think it'd give you some better insight to what you would need to do an the mindset for offering your services to businesses. If you want to go out on your own it'd give you the tools to start up your own business, and give you the knowledge on how to sell your services.
  4. In Topic: Can you imagine the rehearsal time involved.

    Posted 9 Oct 2012

    here is the wiki page that describes the 3 major styles for marching band, military, corps, and show.
  5. In Topic: Can you imagine the rehearsal time involved.

    Posted 9 Oct 2012

    My apologies, I seem to have mixed up military style and corps style, though technically my high school used a combination of military style and corps style.

    that's what i get for posting before my morning pick-me-up, heh.

    The way i marched in high school was we did pick up our feet, however not exaggeratedly, only enough to not trip during fast tempos, torso always faced the front, except for follow-the-leaders, and when facing back field to reduce sound for features.

    standard step size is 8-to-5, and you alway ALWAYS started on the left foot, of course during actual marching you would change step size to hit your positions in the form.

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