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  1. In Topic: Not sure how to make this loop

    Posted 20 Jul 2012

    The errors you are receiving is probably because you omitted the boolean in your for loop. Where is your test condition? Also, you may want to use charAt within your loop, as caps is a String, not an array.
  2. In Topic: Finding Time For Sports/Hobbies?

    Posted 10 Jul 2012

    Thank you all for your input, it is much appreciated and I believe everyone hit the nail on the head. @cfoley, I believe my diet is part of it. I wrestle all year round, and I often settle on skipping meals rather than eating a small, healthy meal and working it off (just another case of me being lazy). Also, I did work on a construction site 4 days a week last summer (it wasn't anything too intensive, I just carried crap around for people and ran romex around), but I didn't have enough time to be tired, as wrestling practice was usually right after. Perhaps if I just do more things, my stamina will build up, and I won't be such, as it's been rightly stated, a bitch. Ran 10 miles this morning in addition to regular exercise, and re-wrote from scratch one of the uglier classes at internship, and neatened it up substantially (can now work on more important things tomorrow). Thanks all!
  3. In Topic: Finding Time For Sports/Hobbies?

    Posted 9 Jul 2012

    View Posttotgeburt, on 09 July 2012 - 09:43 PM, said:

    i used to work 5am - 7pm ~ 5 days a week (in the military) and still made myself lift weights hardcore afterwards. throw out things that waste time, and allow yourself to adapt

    Wow, very impressive. Yeah :sweatdrop: ... I really need to grow up
  4. In Topic: Finding Time For Sports/Hobbies?

    Posted 9 Jul 2012

    View Postxclite, on 09 July 2012 - 09:28 PM, said:

    I think this is a case of man the hell up. You're telling me you can't find time to do things you like and stay physically active when you work 3 days a week, 9 to 5? I (and I'm definitely not alone here) work 9 to 8 most days of the week and still work out every single day except the obligatory off day. I often read and work on side projects, and I also sometimes *gasp* get bored on weekends, even with social outings. It's about not wasting time on shit that doesn't matter. Get the self control to not sit on your ass all day after work. It's 100% discipline - do what you love, and don't spend your precious time doing things that you don't care about.

    Get your priorities straight - there's always time to work on things; you just have to quit wasting time. Try working 50+ hour weeks and then tell me you don't have time, and we can talk strategy.

    Yeah, you're right. I guess I was just babying myself. Looking at it again, there are a lot of things I overlooked which take out a large chunk of my time, yet don't even matter in the long run, such as Reddit and Xbox. I can manage fine now, well at least I am able to pull it together when I sense myself slipping -- it was more the future, when things get harder, which concerned me, however you answered that question too.
  5. In Topic: NullReferenceException (And yes, I've searched this forum)

    Posted 6 Jul 2012

    In start game, where you say
    aren't GetCurrentLocation() and Describe() their own methods? Also, it's always helpful to step through the code.

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