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  1. In Topic: label binding trouble

    Posted 29 Jan 2013

    thats great thank ye
  2. In Topic: <textarea> query

    Posted 17 Jan 2013

    thats great thanks
  3. In Topic: Read xls/xlsx and display on screen

    Posted 16 Jan 2013

    Thank you for your help but it is only allowing me to select 'equals/gethashcode/getstring/tostring from the telesense inside the 2d and 3rd foreach loop, stating object does not contain a defination for...
     if (result != null)
                foreach (var table in result.Tables)
                    foreach (var col in table.Columns)//wont allow me to select columns
                    foreach (var row in table.Rows)//wont allow me to select rows
                        object[] values = row.ItemArray;

    any suggestions as to why?

    iv also tried
    if (table != null && table is Table)
  4. In Topic: import excel doc, the display in proper format

    Posted 15 Jan 2013

    Again, thank you for the reply but neither has worked, any more suggestions?
  5. In Topic: import excel doc, the display in proper format

    Posted 15 Jan 2013

    thank you for the help but this has not helped, any other suggestions?

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