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  1. In Topic: Shader Running really slowly for some reason?

    Posted 26 May 2013

    I'm just loading the shaders into the program normally, not using a debugger. How would i know the difference? I'm new to glsl, sorry...
  2. In Topic: MultiThreading and Arrays?

    Posted 23 May 2013

    Ohh that makes sense! See, coming from Java 9At least in the sense of multithreading)I had assumed that locks and synchronizing was a low level concept. This shows to prove that I am still a beginner at this. >.< Anyways, I will try and come up with a way to synchronize and protect my data. The idea is I want to have lighting calculations, and each light impacts this array which is uploaded to OpenGL. So, I use a different thread per lighting to sort of achieve an effect of fast calculations. Whether or not this works, i dont know yet, but I'm experimenting. I'll try and see if I can't work something out! Thanks guys!
  3. In Topic: Programming Tutors Required

    Posted 14 Apr 2013

    Sounds like im going to be the C++/OpenGl man, so I have no idea.
  4. In Topic: Programming Tutors Required

    Posted 14 Apr 2013

    I want to say that I am able to do C++, so let me do that, and OpemGL AND making games or other programs in X++. Im willing to do it for free, but the time in between videos may be large, but my youtube is zehawk1.

    C++, not X++
  5. In Topic: Programming Tutors Required

    Posted 9 Apr 2013

    Well, I have a channel with Java and C++/C videos, so maybe I can make more videos and get into this shabang?

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