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  1. In Topic: Saving and using random number

    Posted 28 Sep 2014

    i guess you should use whatever algorithm your program needs in order to accomplish your final goal. Skydiver was only pointing out - correctly, i might add - that there is no such thing as "unique random number". Therefor, it is correct to use one of the above solutions, but its incorrect to call it a "random generator", because at some point, you will know what the next generated number will be, or - when all options exhaust, the resulting lack of a generated number.
  2. In Topic: Saving and using random number

    Posted 27 Sep 2014

    seems like you need a unique random number.. You could start by using a list in which you save the generated random number. Afterwards, for each new number, you check the list to see if it is already there, and if not, add the new one and so on. Now, when you generate a new number, you loop through the list of the previously generated numbers, and if you find a match, generate another one and run the loop again, and so on, until you find a number that is not inside the list containing the past generated numbers. It might not be the best approach, but the logic is simple.
    As same, there are other methods available, a simple google search brought me this example.
    Hope this helps!
  3. In Topic: help with radio buttons

    Posted 25 Sep 2014

    ofcorse there is a way. in the CheckedChanged event of the Yes button, check if it is checked. If it does, enable the radio buttons. The logic behind is simple.
  4. In Topic: help with radio buttons

    Posted 25 Sep 2014

    if you found my post useful, than please click on the green plus button under the post ;)
    I'm glad i could help!
  5. In Topic: help with radio buttons

    Posted 25 Sep 2014

    perhaps you don't understand what a radio button means: from multiple options, ONLY ONE value can be selected at a time. Thats why, whenever you select an option, the others deselect. If you need more than one value to be selected, use checkboxes.

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