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  1. In Topic: VB.Net Delete File

    Posted 27 Aug 2014

    Medakas, here are some explanations and examples about how Garbage Collector works and what it does. Hope this helps! ;)
  2. In Topic: Making your own calendar control

    Posted 27 Aug 2014

    For anyone stumbling into the same problems that i did, i posted my solution of implementing a complete calendar control here.
    Happy coding!
  3. In Topic: Foreach

    Posted 26 Aug 2014

    Mohsenaboelnaga, as tlhIn`toq said, you don't even need a timer for that. You just need to put the code that displays the text in the textbox inside the button click. When you click the button, the code inside its click method will be executed ONCE and than stops (unlike a timer, that will run continuously). Also, as tlhIn`toq AGAIN said, you modify the text of your textbox to display the strings inside your string array, which is fine, but you are doing it in a loop, which executes extremely fast, meaning, you will not even get to see when the lines will be displayed, you will only get to see when the loop displays the last line. So, you either put a piece of code to run your loop iteration by iteration manually, or display the text lines in another way than a loop. If you REALLY need a loop for this, you can append the text of the string to the text of your textbox, this way, when the loop will finish, you will have all the strings inside your textbox.
  4. In Topic: VB.Net Delete File

    Posted 26 Aug 2014

    make a test application and put this code in the Load method of the test form:
    If File.Exist(filepath) Then
    End If

    Put instead of "filepath" a simple file on your desktop. See if that works and if it deletes that file. If yes, use it on the file you are getting errors when deleting and see if you still get the error. If its working, that means that is something else in your code that access the file before you are trying to delete it.

    By the way, did you remove the StreamReader part of your code?
  5. In Topic: Foreach

    Posted 26 Aug 2014

    hello, Mohsenaboelnaga!
    First, next time you make a new post, surround your codes snippets with the CODE tags, like this: [ code]your code here[ /code] (without the spaces after the "[").
    Second, your program becomes irresponsive because you are using a loop inside a timer. What a timer does is execute the code inside its Tick method at a certain time interval, over and over again. So, depending on your timer interval, the loop may not even complete before the timer needs to run the loop again. You should use a background worker, this way you will no longer have problems with your application becoming irresponsive.

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