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  1. In Topic: ordered occurances of substring in string

    Posted 16 Oct 2013

    i have never used regex before, though i heard of it. i will test it out, thank you! :)
  2. In Topic: ordered occurances of substring in string

    Posted 16 Oct 2013

    the output should look like this:
    [[aaaa means <table><tr><td><img src=exemple.jpg>
    [[iii jj]] means <a href="example.html">
    [[lll]] means <a href="example2.html">
    mmm nn]] means </td></tr></table>

    so, basically, some [[]] substrings are table cells with images, other [[]] are links, inside those cells. this line [[aaaa:bbbb ccccc dddddd eee.ffff|gggg hh [[iii jj]] kk [[lll]] mmm nn]] would look like
    <table><tr><td><img src=exemple.jpg><a href="example.html"><a href="example2.html"></td></tr></table>
  3. In Topic: Adding a "+" between integers

    Posted 4 Jun 2013

    that is because you have two loops one inside the other... when you click the button, the "For" loop begins first iteration. In that first cicle, the second loop, the "Do" one, iterates several times until the condition is true. After that, the code continues the execution with the second loop of the "for", whicg also waits until the "do" loop finishes iterating (until the condition is again "true"). So, at every iteration of the For loop, you already have several iterations of the Do loop. I believe it you should modify it like this:

    For counter as integer = ........
       sum += counter
       x += 1
       counter2 = counter2 & x
       label3.text = label3.text & counter2 & "+"
    Next counter
    label3.text = label3.text & "=" & sum

    try it this way.. if not, redesign your For loop. However, i dont think that the Do loop inside the For one will solve your problems. First of all, you should try to understand how basic loops work in a programming language. Do some reading. Try to UNDERSTAND what you want to do and what the code you're using does, rather than just "guessing" what statements to use. It will be much easier for you after that.
  4. In Topic: Adding a "+" between integers

    Posted 4 Jun 2013

    What do you mean "it is the same"? That can't be possible! You asked how to add a "+" sign between integers, and that is what my code does. You mean the label doesn't contain any "+" character? If so, that would indicate that the Do...Loop never executes. Set up a breakpoint inside it and debug your program. Look for the text value of the label on each iteration of the loop, so you can see what string are added to it.

    By the way, you should assure that you correctly intialize your integer variables. For example, you should cast an integer type:

    If IsNumeric(textbox1.text) Then
      StartingNumber = CInt(textbox1.text)
      MsgBox("You must enter a number")

    This way you are sure that your integer variables really get the values from the text, and also handle some errors, like the user not entering numbers
  5. In Topic: Adding a "+" between integers

    Posted 4 Jun 2013

    you must to append the values to your label inside the loop. a quick example:

    For counter as integer = ........
    sum += counter
    Do until x = endingnumber
    x += 1
    counter2 = counter2 & x
    label3.text = label3.text & counter2 & "+"
    Next counter
    label3.text = label3.text & "=" & sum

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