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  1. In Topic: RadioButton FlatAppearance property

    Posted 27 Jul 2014

    oh, so it only works if i change the appearance to button. I thought that by using those properties, i could change the border color of the radio button circle or the dot inside it. Thank you, anyway, for clarifying things for me :)
  2. In Topic: FORM is Shaking/Flickering every tick of timer

    Posted 27 Jun 2014

    If i may add, it could also help if you would NOT perform such operation in the UI thread of your form. Instead, you may want to use a background worker that you put to work in the timer tick event and make use of delegates, invoking the listview thread itself for updating your items. It is always a good practise to separate heavy processing jobs in different threads rather than running them in the main UI thread.
  3. In Topic: Difference between SMTP, POP & IMAP

    Posted 26 Jun 2014

    you are right, SMTP is used for sending mails. POP and IMAP are protocols used for downloading mails. POP is older and lacks many features IMAP has.
  4. In Topic: ActiveX control in separate thread

    Posted 20 Jun 2014

    Thank you! Thank you very much! I knew about the multithreding, but i was kind of "afraid" of them, because when i first tried them, i didn't understand much about delegates & Co. Last night i took the time to brush those knowledges and even though i don't yet fully comprehend them, i managed to solve my problem. The email retrieving part is now on a different thread and the flash movie is on the UI thread. What can i say? It works like a charm! Thank you! :)

    Oh, one last thing. Until now, I generally used Application.DoEvents() on every loop that was hanging the main program execution without knowing its such evil. I will avoid it from now on. But just for the sake of learning, why is so wrong to use it? And what are those really-speacial cases when it's supposed to be used?
  5. In Topic: C# smtp isn't working correctly?

    Posted 19 Jun 2014

    I also had problems using the default components for sending mails. I don't know what your problems is, but instead, i can point you out to a library that is strong, easy to use and fast: MailKit. I never had problems since i started using it and im glad of how easy to use is. Check the "Sending Messages" section of the link i gave you and maybe you'll give it a try!

    Good luck!

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    14 Apr 2012 - 13:59
    Iti urez si tie multa bafta prietene! Sper sa reusim amandoi sa ajungem unde ne propunem :)
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