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  1. In Topic: Setting up a DataSet - Access or SQL Server

    Posted 29 Jan 2014

    Thank you Michael. Now I think I will convert the DB to SQL Server. The article regarding the Entity Framework was very helpful. One of the problems I had in Access was writing the queries. It looks to me that using the Entity Framework can reduce the headache quite a bit. It looks like some more research is needed just to find the ADO.NET Visual Tools. All I see is Connect To A Database. I don't even know where the connection string was written. I looked all over for it, but it is hidden somewhere.

    BTW I am using Visual Studio 2010 Professional.
  2. In Topic: Making things fit right

    Posted 1 Oct 2013

    Thanks Curtis. I have the general idea and I have been doing a lot of reading. I have a book and have researched a lot on the web. The one thing that is not made clear about is the basic structure. One example I went through uses a single canvas and places several ellipses on it and makes them spin. Another used a single canvas and a box is constructed using a zillion points and as it rotates it forms itself and then deforms itself. Great stuff for a tutorial but both of these examples fail to discuss the basic layout. So mostly what I am trying to work out now is how to structure the layout. This book I have talks about the need to layout in relative terms and every single example uses a fixed size window and margins and padding to make things fit. Since my little project is a clock and instead of hands the time is displayed in a label while the sun moves from East to West I need some precision so that noon in Texas does not have the sun over France. So I structured the layout like this;

    Main Window
    Grid with three rows
    Grid Row 0 - A place for the Longitude Ticks (still trying to figure out how to do this).
    There are 360 tickmarks from 0 to 180 on the left and 180 to 0 on the right. But these have to be spaced according to the width of the screen, not fixed to a specific window size. The Earth expands when the Maximized button is clicked (I have it set to stretch). But the sun (which should start at the 0 longitude - the prime meridian) ends up moving to the North Pacific.
    Grid Row 1 - A canvas to display the map of the earth and home to the ellipse that represents the sun.
    I started out by putting the sun in a rectangular canvas that would move across the Earth but took it out of the canvas. I just need to tie the position the sun with data binding. Somehow I need to pass the position from the calculation to the object at runtime. There is a very harry calculation that needs to be used to position the sun over the correct Latitude depending on the number of days since the winter solstice. (That will be the Y value) and Zulu or UTC time (that will be the X value) scaled to fit the screen. Do I need a storyboard for that or can't I just update the position of the ellipse based on the calculation. Run a time in code behind to keep track of the time.
    Grid Row 2 - A Stackpanel - A place for time labels, date label, Exit button, etc.

    This shouldn't be too big a deal. Just need to be able to address my object from code and make things fit right at runtime.
  3. In Topic: Making things fit right

    Posted 29 Sep 2013

    Thanks. I found today that when I want a button on the stack panel the drag and drop kept putting it on the grid and it wasn't until I fought it a little that I noticed, in XAML, that it was in the wrong place.

    Any comment on how to have the vertical rectangle move across the upper row?
  4. In Topic: Making things fit right

    Posted 29 Sep 2013

    I chose a canvas because on top of the displayed world map will be a vertical rectangle that moves from right to left. As far as my current understanding, to have animation I have to use other than a DockPanel. In fact the vertical rectangle will also have an ellipse that moves from top to bottom so I also used a canvas for the rectangle. When I drag the item from the Toolbox it automatically sets sizes. Since I don't even know how big my screen is, I can't use any settings. I was hoping I could use something like "Height=MainGrid.GridRow[0].Height" but that generates some errors. All of the reading I have done has my brain fried. If you want to animate something across the screen, how would you do it?
  5. In Topic: My Class and A Collection Class

    Posted 27 Sep 2013

    Good catch on the notes! It is actually split in the data base. I use a table with the InstrumentID, RunsheetID, Notes. The Instrument and Runsheet IDs are the Key to the table. I wasn't thinking when I set this class up that the Notes are only there if the instrument is included in a title search. As it is now when the save button is clicked one of the processes is to create a new entry in the notes table if there are any notes typed. As to the rest of the data, its always there and always needed. In fact, the Grantor and Grantee could be classes in themselves as they may include lots of people, companies, Estates, etc. each. One of the things I have battled with is the best way to handle them. But that can come later. Now I want a tight, well formed application that can eventually be moved to a web site and used from anywhere. I think this is the start toward that end.


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