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  1. In Topic: Demand for an Electronics Forum

    Posted 19 Jan 2014

    I am gonna throw it out there that there plenty of Electronics forums on the web. For instance, I commonly use this one [url=[/url]
  2. In Topic: microcontroller programming

    Posted 24 Dec 2012

    Hey there, I have experience with micro-controllers. I have done lots of things with them from Accelerometers to infrared to maze navigating robots and even an auto flushing toilet. I have used the BASIC Stamp and some PIC. My background is in electronics, so I have good knowledge of circuits. My tip to stay motivated is find a platform you like and make various projects with them. Learn the theory of electricity and the basics of electronics such as resistor color code, diodes, the difference between pnp and npn transistors and the various series of logic chips(the 7400 series is a good one to start with as it has many different logic functions). Once you learn your electronics you'll be safe as to not blow it up. Micro-controllers can be lots of fun. Fun projects I do is to make circuits that gather data and them send them to a PC application and process the data there. Don't quit on it, it really opens your eyes as to how little devices work.
  3. In Topic: Is learning Java Enough for IT Career?

    Posted 19 Dec 2012

    My thoughts on this are that you will use a multitude of programing languages throughout your career. Languages are often similar and basic concepts remain the same. I find throughout my experiences that programming doesn't really change, merely syntax does. If you understand the concepts and logic, adapting languages isn't too hard. You will see lots of similarities between languages. Also learning scripting is pretty valuable in IT. If you can program you can probably script, just gotta learn the syntax. I have gone between languages whenever it calls for it. From PBasic on my Stamp micro-controller to Java for an applet. Whatever you need, you can pick it up.
  4. In Topic: What programming/IT/computer books are you currently reading?

    Posted 17 Dec 2012

    I am going through Beginning Java Game Programming 2nd Edition. Its written really well and I am actually learning about graphics (which I always stunk at) and sprite animations using Java.
  5. In Topic: Interacting with External Hardware: VB.NET vs. C

    Posted 7 Dec 2012

    I may be a little late to the topic but I would go with whatever you're more comfortable with. A little online search can tell what libraries are available for using external hardware. For a purely Windows app, .NET is probably the better option. If your writing driver software, C would be probably be one of the best languages to do it with. I have used VB.NET with hardware, albeit mainly using it to transfer data to and from micro-controller systems.

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