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  1. In Topic: CUDA: find largest array size that will fit.

    Posted 21 Jul 2012

    also Skydiver my memory overheads should be 8 bytes per thread/element. and then a few more on top for the kernal and none array data like Array_Length. I'm looking for about 0.8GB overhead all together at 8bytes per thread. however there will be a limit of how many threads so a 0.8gb might not be fill-able unless i have higher overheads per thread/element, therefore it will be OK to have memory left over.
  2. In Topic: CUDA: find largest array size that will fit.

    Posted 21 Jul 2012

    The data is put directly onto the GPU memory. using line (62) to assign the memory needed and line (64) is where the actual data is put into the memory on the Graphics card.

    line 65 still confuses me a little bit. you define some performance vars and then pass a pointer to the memory on the Graphics card where the data is stored. The GPU should then process all data in the array in one foul sweep.
    line (66) then copy's the memory from the Graphics card to the computer. so effectively that is the return path.

    and no i have not looked at the assembly code. i will now out of curiosity but i was never an assembly person, and would assume the kernel would be in machine code.
  3. In Topic: loop problem :(

    Posted 21 Jul 2012

    The other posts are right. I'm not sure if while is what you need in these cases. maybe you could consider a Switch statement or looking at some other control flow techniques. I would advise you to look at the difference between = and ==. you will be surprised.
  4. In Topic: Moderators abuseing power

    Posted 21 Jul 2012

    I asked the moderator today to fix my post or i would make a complaint. They failed to respond.

    jimblumberg blocked my post. his reason was that i was asking for people to do my code for me. That was a lie. i asked for a pseudo code explaining the steps I needed to take.
  5. In Topic: all permutations 1 by 1

    Posted 17 Jun 2012

    Thankyou macosxnerd101 for your reply. I will give this a go and see how far it gets me. i may be able to get good results with small n values.

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